25 Things to do before I Die

25. Get chickens
24. Get a lead role in a musical
23. Go to a foreign country
22. Get a passport 
21. Get a milk cow
20. Host a dance
19. Live in the country
18. Sing as loud as I can on top of a mountain (Did someone just say Sound of Music?)
17. Get a record player
16. Hike to the top of a mountain
15. Swim in tropical ocean
14. Get married
13. Play an entire song on the piano
12. Buy a hat from England
11. Make cream puffs
10. Have someone ask me for my autograph
9. Grow my hair out to my waist
8. Be a bridesmaid
7. Be an aunt
6. Record a CD for family
5. Go to a dance
4. Stay in a wall tent.
3. Visit another country
2. Visit a National Park
1. Read the entire Bible