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(technically, this is my 2nd post, but my first was a book preview. Soooo..... )

What's Up with Mary Minship Nov. 3
Hey everyone, it's Mary here! Lately I've been enjoying the autumn colors and expanding my knowledge of useless words.... a.k.a vocab in school. Why do I have to learn what extraneouss means?
Ok, well, I guess I'm not too sad, because a lot of my vocab words have been useful :)
I think I start too many books at one time, because I have- oh, I don't know- a MILLION books started that either I don't feel like finishing, or I don't feel like writing at that time. One is about a young girl who has no friends- except an old lady whom the whole town calls Crow. When Crow dies, the little girl visits the house in the woods often and tends to the garden, and her pets, two parrots.
I haven't finished any more haha.
Leave a comment if you want me to finish that, or tell you about more stories.... or anything :) haha

I'm sure you came here to learn more about me-
so here it is!

1. My favorite food is potatoes. Mashed, baked, fried, whipped, boiled, scalloped. Sounds good, right?
2. My favorite color is blue... and green. And yellow.

I am homeschooled- I have been all my life.
My mom is my teacher- well, my oldest sister teaches me math.
I love my family- they are my best friends!

I believe in the God Almighty. He is my Savior!

My favorite holidays are Valentine's Day, The Fourth of July, and Christmas. Not in any particular order.

I love writing.

I like taking pictures but out of 1/100,000,000,000 pictures, I get approx. 1 good one.

If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in the country. Not like a foreign country, but country like not-city. 

I love acting.

I love chickens.

I love singing.

I love skirts.

So, that's me!

I am going to invite you to watch these:

Section I. Homeschooling

Section II. Music

Section III. Pictures
Train Tracks


Yes.... having cats is fun.

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