Contact Me and Buttons

If there is a time where by any chance you happen upon needing me, you can email me at

If you have any questions or comments or anything at all, just email me- or leave a comment, which might be easier. :)

To add a button to your blog, right-click the button you like best and save the picture to your computer. Then go to the design tab on your blog and click on 'Add a gadget'. Choose the Picture gadget. Download the picture of the button. You can put a title for the picture if you like. But to have the button work, type the address for my blog in the Link box when editing the gadget.
If that doesn't make sense please email me at and I'll try to explain further.

I made buttons for the weeklies, but I never really put them up because these aren't link-ups. :)
Here are the buttons for the (not-so) weeklies: