Apr 9, 2012

Chick Day

Out of the 25 chicks I have not yet chosen one... they all look so alike!
I probably will tomorrow. Name isn't decided yet either but probably Sweetpea or Raspberry.

Thank you so much for following this blog, and I hope you can enjoy past posts anytime you want!!
Goodbye and have a great day!

Mary Lydia Minship

Mar 31, 2012

Spring's Arrival

Today is so beautiful outside! I have two things I need to say:
1: Flowers are starting to appear! Mostly, it's green leaves, but the green is really catching my attention.

Flowers are popping up all over the yard. As of this minute, all my family is outside, and I yearn to be with them. I just want to write this down before I forget what I was going to say. 

Hard work! I embrace it (today at least). But the winter has made me flabby. I carried a box of wet leaves pretty much around the corner of our house and was breathing hard. Uhh..... all I can say is "I NEED TO EXERCISE MORE!" :). 

Crocuses are showing their blooms.

As spring arrives, the arrival of something else has come too... 
It's crazy to write this, but I'm actually going to end this blog. I've contemplated about it for over a month now, and (to me) it seems like I've been much less connected with this blog. 
So, that said, I guess I should explain why.
Like I said, over a month ago I started thinking about it. I think God just put it in my brain, because I don't know why I thought about it. I had a blog a while ago and stopped it at a hundred posts. This one has (I think) over 300 and I know over 200. But I really just, stopped enjoying blogger. I'm going to leave my blog up so you can look at past posts or whatever, and I'll definitely come back and look sometimes- it's like a treasure trove of memories!

You might have seen in a past post that I am getting a chick and keeping it out at a friend's house this year. I will post again to show you a picture of my chick, and that will conclude this blog.

Thank you all so much for following, and I hope you have enjoyed reading it!

Love to all,

Mar 26, 2012

I want a baby animal.

I don't really care what kind of animal it is... 
whether it is a 

AAAHHH!!!! It's a baby KIWI!!!!!

I love baby animals. Babies in general actually. Oops, I've got to go check on some bread I'm a-bakin'!

Mar 23, 2012

5 Random Things

Of course, this is labeled under random.... here we go:

1. I just did a fishtail braid in my own hair... and I am very proud of it. :) Hehe.
2. Yesterday, we took a drive early in the morning because of some visitors at our house.
We had to leave at 4:30 in the morning because a skunk sprayed under our house.

3. I just watched How to Steal a Million, and apart from the millions of smooches they hand off, it's a cute movie. :)

4. I have actually changed a lot of things on my "25 Things to Do before I Die" list because I go back and think, "Why do I want to accomplish that before I die?" :)
5. In this post, I said I had a secret name for my baby chick not even my family knew but I changed it because I didn't like it anymore. Now I've decided that I can't name her until I see her. I have a million good names for a rooster though.

That's the randomness I just thought I'd share with you- =)

Mar 21, 2012

Brownies and Kathryn

Hey everyone! Shout-out to my newest follower Kathryn!
I love her blog- it is so cute. And then I found this picture and almost ate the computer.
So, go check out Kathryn's blog!!! 
Have a wonderful day...

Mar 20, 2012

What's Up with Me: March 20th Want to Scribbl(ish)?


Have you ever played this game? Long before we ever got the actual Cranium Game, we'd play with just paper squares! If you have never played, you need to learn it! We've played with about 10 people before, and it is so hilarious!!!!

Here's what you need:
About 4 people- more is better, 3 is the least you can do.
Paper squares (we tear a piece of regular paper into 4 pieces)
A pencil for each person
Here's how to play:
1. Give each person as many paper squares as there are players. If you have 5 people, each person gets 5 pieces, if you have 8 people, each person gets 8 pieces, etc.

2. Everyone writes a sentence on the top piece of paper.

3. Each player passes their stack of paper to the person to the left.

4. Now everyone has a new stack of paper with a sentence on it. They look at the sentence, and then put the top piece of paper (with the sentence) on the bottom of the stack. Then they draw a picture of the sentence on the next piece of paper.

5. Everyone passes their stack, again, to the left.

6. Now each player has a stack with a picture on top. They look at the picture, and then put it on the bottom of the stack and write a sentence of it! Continue passing and drawing and writing.

7. When you get to the bottom of stack, it should be your sentence. Then lay them all out in order and see what changed!

This game is so much fun. One time we got from "Eat potatoes every midnight" to "The girl cried while the boy at a rock".
It is crazy how much things can change!!!!

This is the game with all the fancy tools- but really, all you need is pencils and paper!


Mar 17, 2012

The Ugly Princess and the Wise Fool

Front Cover
I read this book for I think the third time the other night- it's a really fun book! It's a short(ish) chapter book, about... well, about an ugly princess and a fool who is actually a wise man. It's such an adorable little book! I love reading the lighthearted, funny storyline and looking at the humorous illustrations! If you are looking for a story that's not terribly short or long, but just somewhere in between, this is a perfect catch!


Mar 12, 2012

The Liebster Blog

JesusChick awarded me!!!

The Rules

1.Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to the site. :)

2.Copy and paste the Liebster Award logo to your blog.

3.Choose five more up-and-coming bloggers who you feel deserve the award and hope that they will accept and nominate in turn five more

This award goes to people with under 200 followers.
Here are 5 awesome people who deserve this Liebster Blog ♥ award.
Having under 200 is a great time!! It's a time of accomplishments (example: logging into blogger and saying "AAHH I have 2 comments to see!!! EEEP that is so coool!!!!!!")

Through the Eyes of a Feline

(This here is a scheduled post, so if anything like the date or something are all kaplowie... that's why. :)


My name is Cat. Cali Cat.
But my owners frequently call me a hot dog or a peanut.

I am tiny.

I pose for pictures. And I love being higher than other people. I sleep on a ledge above the piano.

I am still very tiny and I am adorable in this picture. 
And I do this frequently.

Today I had an adventure with a scarf (pictured below).
My "aunt" put it on me.
And I was trying to get it off with my teeth.

And It got stuck on my tooth and I couldn't close my mouth.

And in another experience I couldn't see because it was on.

I love taking pictures of myself but people like to get in the picture.

Including my "brother" Sunny. He is so big. 
He's BLOCKING me completely!!!
That's the disadvantage of being teeny-tiny.

I have a pink nose and tongue.

This is the end of my cool story yeah.


Mar 10, 2012

If you are new to this blog...

Then I must introduce you to several things.
If you have followed this blog for, say, a month or more, then you know about to awesome homeschooling things. Of course, they are educational. In... uh... cinematic courses and laughing classes.

The following things are introduced in the following post.
I. Jostieflicks and Jr. Josties
II. Kid History
III. My Milk Toof
V. (I'm not very good with Roman numerals.... oh wait. 4 is IV, right?)
IV. OpheliaBH and BlimeyCow Messy Mondays

I. Jostieflicks and Jr. Josties
Make sure to watch alllllll the way to the end!
(award for best video in this post!!! :)

Jr. Josties:

II. Kid History (probably the most awesome thing on the page)

III. My Milk Toof (award for cutest thing in this post)
Things to Do : Monday
Things to Do: Monday
BORED game
BORED game


IV. OpheliaBH and Messy Mondays
Ophelia BH /\
Messy Mondays /\ ("Homeschoolers Rock award)
 If you have visited my "About Me" page you have probably seen this!

Wow.... I just realized that my family does alot of stuff on the computer. Hehe.

I just have 1 more thing to say...

That wasn't it.

Ok... here it is....


Here it comes....


~Mary (the awesomely wierd homeschool(er)

Mar 7, 2012

Ninjas and Omnomnoming


Something else that made me laugh today.....

OMNOMNOM!!! I love that. Omnomnoming is a fun hobby. Hehe.


Mar 2, 2012

Caption This!

These are pictures of our cats from about 4 or 5 years ago-
What do you think is a good caption?

(Please excuse the mess in the background hehe)

Feb 29, 2012

Train Tracks

Happy L Day!

Feb 25, 2012

What I'd buy...

...if I had a million dollars. 

I know it's random! :) So, here are some fashions I'd love to have this hanging in my closet:
This dress /\ with this hat \/ !!!!

(Of course they have some adorable vintage hats!)

Ok... I need to stop looking- I already have like 10 more dresses to show you and I just began searching!

/\ My two favorites! (of the day) /\


Feb 23, 2012

*New* Homeschooler Phrase

The Homeschooled Reference Dictionary

Unhomeschoolered: (un.howm-sk-ool.əred)
Adjective or Noun.

Those who are not educated in a facility* in their household.

*facility meaning school materials not like restroom facilities.

Thank you for reading the H.R.D.!!

Feb 22, 2012

300th Post

I don't really have anything to post about, but I saw that this was my 300th post and I just couldn't pass up the offer (is that even an offer?)

So let me think of something random and interesting.... Ah-ha!

These are some old pictures we were looking at last night (laughing, of course) and I just have to share them:

This one is my sister's favorite! :)