Mar 12, 2012

Through the Eyes of a Feline

(This here is a scheduled post, so if anything like the date or something are all kaplowie... that's why. :)


My name is Cat. Cali Cat.
But my owners frequently call me a hot dog or a peanut.

I am tiny.

I pose for pictures. And I love being higher than other people. I sleep on a ledge above the piano.

I am still very tiny and I am adorable in this picture. 
And I do this frequently.

Today I had an adventure with a scarf (pictured below).
My "aunt" put it on me.
And I was trying to get it off with my teeth.

And It got stuck on my tooth and I couldn't close my mouth.

And in another experience I couldn't see because it was on.

I love taking pictures of myself but people like to get in the picture.

Including my "brother" Sunny. He is so big. 
He's BLOCKING me completely!!!
That's the disadvantage of being teeny-tiny.

I have a pink nose and tongue.

This is the end of my cool story yeah.



♥Godsgirlz1♥ said...

Cute, Mary!


JesusChick said...

Such an original post! Love it! Cali just so happens to look like my own cat, Macy :) They are both tiny as well! Maybe its just a breed thing (or our cats are just that awesome ;D )

Ginger girls said...

This was a really sweet idea, to make a story out of your cat like that!

Ginger Girls.