Mar 10, 2012

If you are new to this blog...

Then I must introduce you to several things.
If you have followed this blog for, say, a month or more, then you know about to awesome homeschooling things. Of course, they are educational. In... uh... cinematic courses and laughing classes.

The following things are introduced in the following post.
I. Jostieflicks and Jr. Josties
II. Kid History
III. My Milk Toof
V. (I'm not very good with Roman numerals.... oh wait. 4 is IV, right?)
IV. OpheliaBH and BlimeyCow Messy Mondays

I. Jostieflicks and Jr. Josties
Make sure to watch alllllll the way to the end!
(award for best video in this post!!! :)

Jr. Josties:

II. Kid History (probably the most awesome thing on the page)

III. My Milk Toof (award for cutest thing in this post)
Things to Do : Monday
Things to Do: Monday
BORED game
BORED game


IV. OpheliaBH and Messy Mondays
Ophelia BH /\
Messy Mondays /\ ("Homeschoolers Rock award)
 If you have visited my "About Me" page you have probably seen this!

Wow.... I just realized that my family does alot of stuff on the computer. Hehe.

I just have 1 more thing to say...

That wasn't it.

Ok... here it is....


Here it comes....


~Mary (the awesomely wierd homeschool(er)


JesusChick said...

Oh my word I LOVED this post! I laughed so hard I think I might have just killed my "laugh box"! (Spongebob, I love you :) )

Please. Please stay the awesomely weird homeschooler that you are! I love you for that! :))

JesusChick said...

P.S. I awarded you over at my blog! :)

Love always, JC <3