Mar 31, 2012

Spring's Arrival

Today is so beautiful outside! I have two things I need to say:
1: Flowers are starting to appear! Mostly, it's green leaves, but the green is really catching my attention.

Flowers are popping up all over the yard. As of this minute, all my family is outside, and I yearn to be with them. I just want to write this down before I forget what I was going to say. 

Hard work! I embrace it (today at least). But the winter has made me flabby. I carried a box of wet leaves pretty much around the corner of our house and was breathing hard. Uhh..... all I can say is "I NEED TO EXERCISE MORE!" :). 

Crocuses are showing their blooms.

As spring arrives, the arrival of something else has come too... 
It's crazy to write this, but I'm actually going to end this blog. I've contemplated about it for over a month now, and (to me) it seems like I've been much less connected with this blog. 
So, that said, I guess I should explain why.
Like I said, over a month ago I started thinking about it. I think God just put it in my brain, because I don't know why I thought about it. I had a blog a while ago and stopped it at a hundred posts. This one has (I think) over 300 and I know over 200. But I really just, stopped enjoying blogger. I'm going to leave my blog up so you can look at past posts or whatever, and I'll definitely come back and look sometimes- it's like a treasure trove of memories!

You might have seen in a past post that I am getting a chick and keeping it out at a friend's house this year. I will post again to show you a picture of my chick, and that will conclude this blog.

Thank you all so much for following, and I hope you have enjoyed reading it!

Love to all,


Natalie said...

I am sad your leaving but you need to make your own decisions :) Have fun with your chick! I need to exercise more too lol. Have a nice day!


Mandi said...

Oh im so sad your leaving!

have fun with your chick!
see you tomorrow!