Mar 31, 2011

I need your opinion again!

I'm renaming my blog! No longer will it be Writers Block. (Don't worry, the address will be the same!)
Please take the polls on the sidebar to vote for your favorite background and new name!


Hello! Due to the fact that I was majorly bored with the background I had with my blog, we are undergoing some construction. Please excuse the hideous styles.
Actually, I kind of like the white, fresh look.
But I could go for a better background, at least until construction is done. :)

So, take your pick!

(sorry they are all such tiny pictures)

Background A

Background B

Background C

Background D

Background E

Take your pick, and leave a comment or vote on the sidebar. Or both!

Mar 30, 2011

What a Blessed Life we Live

As children of God,
we have such a blessed life.
We are given everything we need,
and so much extra.
God has blessed us all so much.

It is easy to complain.
It is easy to procrastinate,
and be sarcastic,
and gossip.
It is so easy to talk about others and compare ourselves with them-
"We are so much better than them because we follow God."

God wants us to have a humble heart.

He gives us so much and asks so little of us.

Why can we not meet his requests?

If we follow the LORD, anything is possible.

We have to do our part though. We can't just let him into our hearts and let him do all the work. We have a job to do and we need to live up to it.

We need to depend on the LORD. Don't expect to be able to do things by yourself.

The subject of this post is earthly things.

God gives us so many things.
Old things,

wonderful memories.

Then there are the new things.
Electronic gizmos that take up all our time.
The more time we spend with our toys, the more money they make.

But the world isn't just filled with old things and new things.

There are also timeless things.

God gives us so much. He wants us to use our talents and our time to glorify Him.

He gave us wonderful memories.
That's something so much better than a camera.

So today, instead of getting out your camera and trying to capture a memory by snapping photos,

I encourage you to forget your camera. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the moment.

Some things you just can't capture with a camera.

Like when you and your siblings started cracking up about your socks for no reason at all.

Please, do us a favor and don't take four billion pictures of your socks,
trying to capture the moment.

Pictures are just things. But memories are just wonderful. They aren't something we have to replace because they stop working, they aren't three hundred dollars just for good quality, they're free.
And they work better than any camera.

Go out and glorify the God most High today!
Use your talents to please him!

P.S. For an extra challenge, leave your camera at home.
You can't capture the wonders of Christ with a camera.

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Mar 29, 2011

Twosday Favs 10

Fav 1: Babies (in this case, babies photographed by Anne Geddes, but all babies in general)

Fav 2: Playskool Dollhouse
I couldn't find a picture of the big one. We used to have a huge set of Playskool Dollhouse stuff- the house, the stable, the pool, the backyard, a porch, tw convertibles, two vans, not to mention all the people, furniture, and accessories. But, like most kids, we thought we got too old for it and sold it.... WAAAHH! lol. I have such great memories from that dollhouse. :)

So that was a very quick TWosday favs, not even an introduction! :)
But I'm typing with one hand because (surprise) I'm holding a baby!
And my hand is sore because I was writing nonstop for nearly an hour and a half this morning...
sorry for all my spelling mistakes (you try writing with one hand)!

Mar 28, 2011

Jane Powell in Luster Creme Shampoo Commercial

If you're a fan of Jane Powell you'll love this!
This was in 1950- Jane Powell was only 21 years old!

Jane Powell starres in my all-time favorite movie- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

I love old commercials. They are so fantastic!!
See you later!

God's Daughter is hosting a giveaway!!!

If you find out about this giveaway from this post, be sure to include that in your comment when you go to her blog. :):):):):):)))))))))
I love giveaways. They are so awesome.
They are also a great way to get more pageviews. haha.

If I win the giveaway I would want to get this scrabble tile necklace.
I have one pendant already and I am DYING to get more!
And this one is adorable anyways.
This was made by Paisley Monday on etsy.

Don't you just love giveaways?

Mar 27, 2011

Almost 2,000 pageviews!!

Ok so I am excited for that reason... I know that's (to quote) "Just a drop of water in the [blogger] ocean"... OpheliaBH, youtube channel. She's a hilarious christian lady on youtube... LOL!!!!
See yah guys later :)


Where I live you can expect winter snowstorms anytime from October to June. We have literally had snow in July. CRAZY!!!!

It can go from this...

To this.....

In a matter of days.
Then it will snow again.
It will be 75 degrees, t-shirts and barefoot.
But then we wake up to it snowing or hailing and a high of 30 degrees.

So I have to ponder upon the scientists and the people who have Ph.D's and diplomas and wonder...
How can they think that Global Warming is true?

Let me tell you my friend...
I'm not against it. I'm not taking Freedom of Speech to it's limits.
I'm simply expressing my opinion...
if it's snowing in July, I don't have any trouble thinking Global Warming is... normaling.

Weather is normal as always in my sweet little town... and here weather is always unexpected. Then we expect it to be unexpected and expect that the weather is abnormal.
And I know that doesn't make any sense so I'll stop talking now.

Thanks for reading my AWESOME but really lame
I don't know if I'm actually thinking when I write this, maybe stuff is just tapped out on the screen... haha.

:) Byebye

Mar 25, 2011

My Stats Thus Far

Today I was looking at my blog's stats and was happily surprised at what I found.
Pageviews by Countries
United States
United Kingdom
I feel so blessed that God has let me share my faith with people from all over the world- from the United Kingdom to Norway, from Indonesia to Germany.
So sometimes its a little freaky to think that anyone can just find my blog and look at it... but it's a good way to share my faith and my style with the world!

Check your stats! Where is your audience?

P.S. I forgot to say- These are not my all-time stats, they are just the stats from the previous week.

Mar 24, 2011

Thursday's Dresses 10

This is the final Thursday's Dresses...
it's actually kind of a relief for me because I started to have trouble thinking up different kinds of dresses to post about HAHA.....
I know that's not very funny.

So I had some fun inspiration today...

Mother-Daughter Dresses!
This is So adorable.. I actually like the
little girl's dress better because
it flares out at the bottom :)

For those of you out there who
know me well....................
*gasp* *sniffle* I want that! *sigh*



LOVE the combination of black and white here. It's totally classy but you can totally imagine a little girl wearing it. :)

And that's the end of the last Thursday's Dresses.
I hope you enjoyed all of them IMMENSELY...
alright that's kind of dramatic.
I hope you liked them
and didn't discard them like yesterday's... uh....refried beans.
Just to let you know, in my family, refried beans sit in the fridge for about two weeks
in a tupperware container.... and might I add they don't... a-hem... well, they don't exactly
smell put it lightly.
Like we need about 4,000 air fresheners in this square foot of the house.
Just kidding it's not that bad. More like 2,000.

Ok enough of my lame attempts to be funny...
Why did I just go into humor-land over refried beans???
Never mind.
Ok so GOODBYE, Thursday's Dresses! :)

Mar 23, 2011

A Favorite Pastime

I've decided it's time for another tutorial so I whipped up this idea. Ok I didn't actually I just took the pictures, movies, and edited them. So... let me rephrase that.
Lately my family has been talking about homemakers and today I was looking at Raising Homemakers (a blog) and decided I wanted to share something. So here is what I am sharing!
P.S. I forgot in the movie to tell you how to close up your potholder.
Once you have made a square, close up the seams by using a whipstitch.
It's very simple :)
My grandma taught me how to do this
and it is so very fun!
I hope you enjoy it too! :)

Check out and look at the Wednesday Link-Up- I'm #117!

P.S. again- I forgot to say- always use cotton yarn. It's thicker and better for kitchen use.

Mar 22, 2011

Twosday Favs 9

Ok.... so there is nothing in front of me today. (read Twosday Favs 8 from last week). Haha. :)

So the lucky first Twosday Favs is....

Fav 1: Gold Fork Hot Springs
click here for picture link
I went here on vacation once... OH YAH!!!! It is the coolest hot
springs EVER. I wish I could go there again but...'s not exactly what
you call "close by". lol.
If you're ever near Gold Fork, I strongly suggest you go there. It's amazing.

Fav 2: Hawiian Gardenia
It's such a beautiful flower.

Alright.... now I have some BIG EXCITING news to share with you...
I succeeded in finding FAVS without turning to things around my computer!!!!!!

Can you keep a secret?
When I first started this blog, when I was all set for an empty, follower-less blog,
I used to refresh the page to get more page views..

Hehe. :)

Mar 21, 2011

Blogger of the Month Award

And now...

The Blogger of the Month Awards!!

This month, I have chosen carefully
this blogger for the following reasons.

1. This blogger showed discernment in media.

2. This blogger set a wonderful example to all
other young christian girls out there.

3. This blogger has an inviting set-up on her
blog, a charming, captivating feel.

4. As far as I can tell, this blogger has so much
influence on other young christian girls,
and she is using her influence wisely and
helping her followers to follow Christ.

And now...
The moment we've all been waiting for.

The winner of this month's Blogger of the Month award...


Anna Olivia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Anna!

Head over to her blog of right now and be the first to congratulate her!

Mar 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday #1

I finally got around to doing something with my blog. Sorry all my posts lately have been a bit....well....boring.

Before I go any further I'd like to share with you a short paragraph of fiction.

Although it wasn't spring yet, Maggie had the urge to go outside. A despereate urge, one that grabbed at her heartstrings and tugged so hard Maggie felt as though she would break. So out the door she flew, and as the first rays of sunshine hit her face Maggie felt as though every problem melted away. She could see no imperfections. The dead trees swayed back and forth, but Maggie only saw delicate, lacy fronds of twigs blowing in the soft breeze. The old, beaten flower bed with nothing but weeds and maybe a rotten blossom was set in a rough corner of the yard but to Maggie, the new buds appearing underneath every leaf was like a miracle. The whole world was awakening from the terrible winter, ready to greet a new and glorious spring. The sun hid behind a cloud as Maggie stepped back into the house. The door slammed behind her. Her spirits lifted, the young girl continued with her day, like any other day...but with the knowledge of spring, about to burst from beneath the leaf of every flower.

I'll leave it at that and let you interpret it any way you want. :)

1: Camera Phone

2: Camera

3: Imperfection

4: Shoes

5: Chair

Sorry it's out of order...hehe :)

So that's it for this Sunday! :):)

Mar 17, 2011

Thursday's Dresses 9

Hello everyone! I just realized... well.... on monday... that I never got around to doing Macro Monday. I actually realized that even though it sounded fun I didn't really want to do it that much... so... uh.... yah.

Anyway, this weeks Thursday's Dresses is focused around 1800's style dresses. I love the styles even though sometimes they can be a bit low cut. They are gorgeous all the same.

This is the most gorgeous wedding dress. I love all the buttons!

I have a short prayer request. I lately have really been wanting to use my talents in acting but it seems like there are no outlets for this ability. Please pray that I will know what God wants me to do or that I can be content waiting and listening.

Thank you guys so much!
Love yah

Mar 15, 2011

Twosday Favs 8

I've only done this 8 times?


yippeee kiy yay

Fav 1: Andrew Clements
He has such a captivating style of writing.

Fav 2: Haagen Dazs five

It's funny. I usually choose my twosday favs from things sitting at the computer in front of me. The ice cream i ate after breakfast.. it's still sitting here in front of the computer, and there's a pile of Andrew Clements books I'm planning to read sitting right next to the Haagen Dazs.
Well.... I have to do school. I would complain but I know education is a good thing :).
God bless!
Love yah

I have....

been missing nancy drew lately. I'm about to read the Secret of the Wooden Lady but I don't own that one and the library is requesting it. WAAHHH!!!!! I need my nancy drew!!!!! :)
If you've ever read the Secret of the Wooden Lady or any nancy drew please give me a mini review in a comment- i'd love to know what you think!

Mar 12, 2011


I was just browsing on Google and thought of looking at tap dancing shoes. Lately I've been really interested in tap dancing and have been thinking about taking lessons. It's not official... I haven't even really discussed it at all- pretty much I have just been thinking about it. In my head. Duhhh where else would you think?

So anyway, I found a picture of these shoes...aren't they adorable? I absolutely love the bows. They are so cute.

Mar 11, 2011

Thursday's Dresses 8 - Pattern Style

Left: Simplicity 6731 (1966) Right: Simplicity 5831 (1964)

Very Easy Vogue 8146 (2005)

Simplicity 6436 (1966)

Style 2594 (1978)

Left: Simplicity 5956 (1965) Right: Simplicity 6966 (1967)

New Look 6067 (no year available)

Top Left: Simplicity 7720 (1968)
Top Right: Simplicity 6272 (1965)
Bottom: Simplicity 5747 (1964)

Left: Simplicity 3978 (no year) Right: Simplicity 8788 (1978)

McCall's 9282 (1968)

The Pattern Bureau 4546 (1960)

McCall's 9268 (1968)

Simplicity 4209 (no year)

This dress I couldn't find a book to match but it was so absolutely Nancy Drew-ish that I couldn't resist snapping a shot of it. Don't you love it?

I am SO DEFINITLY going to link up to the Nancy Drew Fashion Week, but I am little low on vintage in my closet. *boohoo!* So I'm headed down to the local Antique Store to find some vintage dresses and such. Sounds like an odd place to buy clothes... I know. But they have the cutest Nancy-style things!
Sorry I missed yesterday's Thursday's Dresses. This isn't exactly dresses but dress patterns, so it's a substitute. :) Love to you all!