Mar 27, 2011


Where I live you can expect winter snowstorms anytime from October to June. We have literally had snow in July. CRAZY!!!!

It can go from this...

To this.....

In a matter of days.
Then it will snow again.
It will be 75 degrees, t-shirts and barefoot.
But then we wake up to it snowing or hailing and a high of 30 degrees.

So I have to ponder upon the scientists and the people who have Ph.D's and diplomas and wonder...
How can they think that Global Warming is true?

Let me tell you my friend...
I'm not against it. I'm not taking Freedom of Speech to it's limits.
I'm simply expressing my opinion...
if it's snowing in July, I don't have any trouble thinking Global Warming is... normaling.

Weather is normal as always in my sweet little town... and here weather is always unexpected. Then we expect it to be unexpected and expect that the weather is abnormal.
And I know that doesn't make any sense so I'll stop talking now.

Thanks for reading my AWESOME but really lame
I don't know if I'm actually thinking when I write this, maybe stuff is just tapped out on the screen... haha.

:) Byebye

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