Mar 11, 2011

Thursday's Dresses 8 - Pattern Style

Left: Simplicity 6731 (1966) Right: Simplicity 5831 (1964)

Very Easy Vogue 8146 (2005)

Simplicity 6436 (1966)

Style 2594 (1978)

Left: Simplicity 5956 (1965) Right: Simplicity 6966 (1967)

New Look 6067 (no year available)

Top Left: Simplicity 7720 (1968)
Top Right: Simplicity 6272 (1965)
Bottom: Simplicity 5747 (1964)

Left: Simplicity 3978 (no year) Right: Simplicity 8788 (1978)

McCall's 9282 (1968)

The Pattern Bureau 4546 (1960)

McCall's 9268 (1968)

Simplicity 4209 (no year)

This dress I couldn't find a book to match but it was so absolutely Nancy Drew-ish that I couldn't resist snapping a shot of it. Don't you love it?

I am SO DEFINITLY going to link up to the Nancy Drew Fashion Week, but I am little low on vintage in my closet. *boohoo!* So I'm headed down to the local Antique Store to find some vintage dresses and such. Sounds like an odd place to buy clothes... I know. But they have the cutest Nancy-style things!
Sorry I missed yesterday's Thursday's Dresses. This isn't exactly dresses but dress patterns, so it's a substitute. :) Love to you all!


Jemimah C. said...

Those Simplicity patterns go well with the books!

You'll be joining the Nancy Drew Fashion Week? Wonderful! I'd love to see your "Nancy Drew-ish" clothe choices.

Ashley said...

I love how the books match the patterns!