Mar 24, 2011

Thursday's Dresses 10

This is the final Thursday's Dresses...
it's actually kind of a relief for me because I started to have trouble thinking up different kinds of dresses to post about HAHA.....
I know that's not very funny.

So I had some fun inspiration today...

Mother-Daughter Dresses!
This is So adorable.. I actually like the
little girl's dress better because
it flares out at the bottom :)

For those of you out there who
know me well....................
*gasp* *sniffle* I want that! *sigh*



LOVE the combination of black and white here. It's totally classy but you can totally imagine a little girl wearing it. :)

And that's the end of the last Thursday's Dresses.
I hope you enjoyed all of them IMMENSELY...
alright that's kind of dramatic.
I hope you liked them
and didn't discard them like yesterday's... uh....refried beans.
Just to let you know, in my family, refried beans sit in the fridge for about two weeks
in a tupperware container.... and might I add they don't... a-hem... well, they don't exactly
smell put it lightly.
Like we need about 4,000 air fresheners in this square foot of the house.
Just kidding it's not that bad. More like 2,000.

Ok enough of my lame attempts to be funny...
Why did I just go into humor-land over refried beans???
Never mind.
Ok so GOODBYE, Thursday's Dresses! :)

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