Mar 30, 2011

What a Blessed Life we Live

As children of God,
we have such a blessed life.
We are given everything we need,
and so much extra.
God has blessed us all so much.

It is easy to complain.
It is easy to procrastinate,
and be sarcastic,
and gossip.
It is so easy to talk about others and compare ourselves with them-
"We are so much better than them because we follow God."

God wants us to have a humble heart.

He gives us so much and asks so little of us.

Why can we not meet his requests?

If we follow the LORD, anything is possible.

We have to do our part though. We can't just let him into our hearts and let him do all the work. We have a job to do and we need to live up to it.

We need to depend on the LORD. Don't expect to be able to do things by yourself.

The subject of this post is earthly things.

God gives us so many things.
Old things,

wonderful memories.

Then there are the new things.
Electronic gizmos that take up all our time.
The more time we spend with our toys, the more money they make.

But the world isn't just filled with old things and new things.

There are also timeless things.

God gives us so much. He wants us to use our talents and our time to glorify Him.

He gave us wonderful memories.
That's something so much better than a camera.

So today, instead of getting out your camera and trying to capture a memory by snapping photos,

I encourage you to forget your camera. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the moment.

Some things you just can't capture with a camera.

Like when you and your siblings started cracking up about your socks for no reason at all.

Please, do us a favor and don't take four billion pictures of your socks,
trying to capture the moment.

Pictures are just things. But memories are just wonderful. They aren't something we have to replace because they stop working, they aren't three hundred dollars just for good quality, they're free.
And they work better than any camera.

Go out and glorify the God most High today!
Use your talents to please him!

P.S. For an extra challenge, leave your camera at home.
You can't capture the wonders of Christ with a camera.

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1 comment:

Amber Sako said...

I just happened to find your site by googling something. And I was about to leave your site because I normally never really read blogs. But when I saw the title "what a blessed life we live" I started reading it and it made so much sense. It touched my heart, I was having an anxiety but after reading your post, I felt relaxed…God has a funny way of working (meaning bringing me to your site,because I was Googling 1800's fashion lol) : ]
It's so nice to read something about God instead of constantly seeing dirty jokes or half naked girls (Facebook).
Anyways Thank-you for that beautiful post, keep up the good work!
God bless you †
__Amber__ :)