Mar 29, 2011

Twosday Favs 10

Fav 1: Babies (in this case, babies photographed by Anne Geddes, but all babies in general)

Fav 2: Playskool Dollhouse
I couldn't find a picture of the big one. We used to have a huge set of Playskool Dollhouse stuff- the house, the stable, the pool, the backyard, a porch, tw convertibles, two vans, not to mention all the people, furniture, and accessories. But, like most kids, we thought we got too old for it and sold it.... WAAAHH! lol. I have such great memories from that dollhouse. :)

So that was a very quick TWosday favs, not even an introduction! :)
But I'm typing with one hand because (surprise) I'm holding a baby!
And my hand is sore because I was writing nonstop for nearly an hour and a half this morning...
sorry for all my spelling mistakes (you try writing with one hand)!

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Vanessa said...

Oh, I just love your blog! :)