Mar 4, 2011

Movie Moments: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Lucky you followers, getting to see my all-time favorite again.

You are probably so sick of seeing these pictures...

Well, today I was planning to do Movie Moments on Calamity Jane but then I realized I think it is not up to our standards... our standards went up a while back and I think there was one scene we would skip over anyway. I remember it being a cute and funny movie but I hate it whenever I suggest something to someone and then it's bad. That's just a terrible thing to happen.
Lighter subject now, my friends.

I want YOUR opinion! Please comment about a movie you would like me to do a Movie Moments on. I'll have tons of fun doing one you would like... I've run out of ideas right now. I don't remember classic movies that well. :)
Thank y'all (am I becoming western or somethang?)
Have a great Friday! Love yah

1 comment:

Jemimah C. said...

Could you do one about "Funny Face" (starring Audrey Hepburn)?