Feb 29, 2012

Train Tracks

Happy L Day!

Feb 25, 2012

What I'd buy...

...if I had a million dollars. 

I know it's random! :) So, here are some fashions I'd love to have this hanging in my closet:
This dress /\ with this hat \/ !!!!

(Of course they have some adorable vintage hats!)

Ok... I need to stop looking- I already have like 10 more dresses to show you and I just began searching!

/\ My two favorites! (of the day) /\


Feb 23, 2012

*New* Homeschooler Phrase

The Homeschooled Reference Dictionary

Unhomeschoolered: (un.howm-sk-ool.əred)
Adjective or Noun.

Those who are not educated in a facility* in their household.

*facility meaning school materials not like restroom facilities.

Thank you for reading the H.R.D.!!

Feb 22, 2012

300th Post

I don't really have anything to post about, but I saw that this was my 300th post and I just couldn't pass up the offer (is that even an offer?)

So let me think of something random and interesting.... Ah-ha!

These are some old pictures we were looking at last night (laughing, of course) and I just have to share them:

This one is my sister's favorite! :)


Feb 16, 2012

Sports Vs. Hobbies

Are you a sports fan?

or a hobbies fan?

Here's a little quiz:

1. Do you consider cheerleading a sport or a hobby?
a. sport
b. hobby

2. Would you rather watch a ball game or a gymnastics competition?
a. ball game
b. gymnastics competition

I can't think of any more questions....
Mostly A's: Sports fan
Mostly B's: Hobbies fan
One of each: Both.

WOW, that was such an intricate test!!!!

I'm more of a hobbies fan myself, but if I'm watching sports it's really interesting!

Tap dance
Ice skating

Dancing is so much fun- doing the Virginia Reel, Postie's Jig, and Scottish Polka- it's a lot of fun. We went to a dance a while back, with probably more than a hundred people. We did all those dances and other ones, and it was one of the best times! 

via Microsoft Word Clipart
(Heehee! This is like Singin' In the Rain!)

via Microsoft Word Clipart
(Cinderella perhaps?)

via Microsoft Word Clipart
(I never have a dressing room like this!)


Although I don't really participate too much in the other hobbies I mentioned, I act a lot!
It's got to be one of my favorite things. I really enjoy all the aspects of it, and while it is my favorite thing to do or watch, I like so many other things that I can keep busy for quite a while! :):)

My favorite sport: Well.... we watched a basketball game a few days ago, and that was fun to watch. So that might be my favorite, but I think I'd like any of them. Soccer is really fun to play, so for playing sports I'd probably say soccer, and for watching sports I'd say any of them. :)
My favorite hobby: Acting! And tap dance. I'm not taking lessons for tap right now but I still like to practice sometimes. I love the sound it makes, so tap is definitely my favorite to watch. And acting is my favorite to do. I like to watch and do ice skating! :):)

What about you? Do you like hobbies or sports or both?


Feb 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!
I hope you all have a wonderful day.
All my love to you on this red-and-pink holiday (which has become my new favorite, by the way!).
~Mary Minship

Feb 12, 2012

How Easy is Valentine's Day?

So I just realized that making pink cookies would be really easy,
and really Valentine's Day-ish!
So, I want to make cookie dough + red food coloring = pink cookies.

Of course, I would leave off the Hershey's kisses-
not because I don't like them, I just don't like them with a cookie underneath...
and anyway,
I don't have any. :)

This is more proof of just how easy Valentine's Day can be!
That's such a smart idea- just a square and a circle, and
wah-lah! It's so cute.

Of course, there are some harder things you can do for Valentine's Day:
but super hard. Well, it looks super hard!
via SO CUTE!!!!
That is SO ADORABLE!!!!!
Don't you love all the play-on-words?

Happy almost-Valentine's Day!

P.S. Can you tell I love this holiday?

Feb 11, 2012

Kitty Love and Chocolate

This reminds me of SMK's post: Kittens and Cocoa :)

Valentine's Day Chocolate



Feb 10, 2012

High Heel Love: Tap

Here's a Goodwill find I'll share:
Pricetag: $4.99
Brand: Dance Fair
Type: Shoe, Tap

They fit fine- but I have a scab on one heel and an almost-blister on the other. Sooo, when my heels heal up then I think they will be more comfortable- but I like them!
I think they might be these shoes:

But more likely these shoes in black:



*homeschooler phrase.

Feb 8, 2012

I Mustache you a question...

valentine's day card mustache, post card, digital, printable file (item1004)

Lovey Dovey Kissing Rubber Duckies Valentines Day Soap Novelty Bathtime Fun Custom Scent ColorTwo Glycerin Soaps Red Hearts and Pink Valentine's Day Soaps Homemade Soap
via             via

red rose valentines day necklace

Cherry Red Underwood Typewriter in Original Case with Manual

Rotary Dial Telephone - Vintage - Red - Western Electric

vintage 1950s 50s wedding dress // White Eyelet Wedding Dress with Pink Roses and Ribbon Trim // Valentines Day collection
♥ this dress is so cute!


P.S. Sorry for the second post of the day- I've already been on the computer too much today! But Valentine's Day was calling.

Courageous in 60 Seconds

Courageous in 60 seconds.

If you haven't seen the movie, this is the highlights of it-
sped up. They re-acted each of the most important scenes and...

It's really funny.

LOL!!!!! I love the end....

"Let's go eat."
"Ok baby."


Feb 7, 2012

25 Things to Do: #16 and #25

Hooray! 2 things scratched off my list. Well... actually, technically only one (but I don't listen to technicalities).
#16- Hike to the top of a mountain.
I actually did this like 3 years ago, and I just remembered about it! It was GORGEOUS up there- but since it was so long ago, we don't have any pictures on the computer. :) But believe me, it was VERY pretty!!!!

#25- Get Chickens
Technicality Number Two: So technically it's "get chicken" because I am getting 1.
BUT let me explain before you think "She's getting 1 chicken?"

archive photo
Yes, I am getting one chicken- but it will be at a friend's house (they have lots of other chickens) since where I live we can't keep them.
Our friends are ordering 24 chickens from a hatchery, but they only want to keep I think 8-10. They'll sell the other ones. But since there will be extras, they offered to let me choose one from the extras and keep it there- and of course, I accepted.

archive photo
So, I am ecstatic!
Her name (which will remain a secret {not even my family knows} until I get her) has something to do with answered prayer, because that's what she is!

Thanks for listening to all of this rambling! :)
You are probably like... "How can someone make a whole post about a chicken?"
:) Lol. That's actually pretty funny..


P.S. Under some of the photos it says archive photo- that justs means I saved it to my computer a billion years ago and I don't know where it's from- I didn't take the pictures, but I don't have any link. Sorry about that, but I just wanted to let you know that that's where they came from!