Feb 1, 2012

I have discovered ModCloth.

But for your computer's convenience, I went from about a million pictures to about 17 I think.
So here we go:
Vintage Breezy as Can Be SkirtVintage Breezy as Can Be SkirtVintage What I Yacht PumpVintage What I Yacht Pumps
Vintage Teacher HeelsVintage Teacher Heels   So, how do you like them? I simply adore vintage, and even though they don't have 40's (they only go back to 50's), I still love a lot of it. 40's may be my favorite but 50's are adorable too, and even *gasp* sometimes the sixties! :)
Signing off,


JesusChick said...

Those are all so cute!!!!! I'm especially loving that gold dress near the end :))

Carli Nicole said...

How cute! I love the finds...esp. the last pair of shoes.