Feb 12, 2012

How Easy is Valentine's Day?

So I just realized that making pink cookies would be really easy,
and really Valentine's Day-ish!
So, I want to make cookie dough + red food coloring = pink cookies.

Of course, I would leave off the Hershey's kisses-
not because I don't like them, I just don't like them with a cookie underneath...
and anyway,
I don't have any. :)

This is more proof of just how easy Valentine's Day can be!
That's such a smart idea- just a square and a circle, and
wah-lah! It's so cute.

Of course, there are some harder things you can do for Valentine's Day:
but super hard. Well, it looks super hard!
via SO CUTE!!!!
That is SO ADORABLE!!!!!
Don't you love all the play-on-words?

Happy almost-Valentine's Day!

P.S. Can you tell I love this holiday?

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JesusChick said...

This post totally made me smile :)) Happy Valentine's Day!