Oct 26, 2011

I love Autumn

1940's coat

:):) Haha! This is such an awesome picture. I want to grow this big of pumpkins!

Now for some fun pumpkin stuff:

Isn't that awesome! "I'll have half!" :)

Have a great Wednesday!

Oct 25, 2011

Twosday Favs 28

Favorite One: Baby Kittens

5 years ago...

Favorite Two: Jane Powell, The Oceana Roll
From the Movie "Two Weeks with Love"
I haven't seen this movie but I want to see it. Has anyone else seen it? Do you like it?
Have a great Tuesday!

Oct 22, 2011

From Creativity Starts Here

I found this on her blog:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Oct 21, 2011

I'm a Homeschooler

We just watched an electrical truck drive up and replace a lightbulb in the street light. The conversation was something like this.
"WOWW That is SO cool!!!!!!"
And then the guy changing the lightbulb waved at us.
We are so homeschooled.

Oct 19, 2011

Teaser of my new book...

Winifred's Hopes
Written by Mary Minship

Winifred Hawdrid got up with the sun on Wednesday, June 9th. They had just gotten out of school for the year a few days before. Winnie hopped down the stairs two at a time. She nearly ran into Beth at the bottom.
“Ouch!” Beth rubbed her arm where her sister had whacked her. She playfully whacked her back.
“Oh, how painful!” Winnie teased and the two of them ran into the kitchen.
Winifred’s older sister, Beth, was 16 years old and into makeup and looking good. If this occurrence had happened a few days ago, Beth would have been in a terrible mood.
The Hawdrid family had four children. Jimmy, who was nineteen, was coming back from college for the summer. That’s why Beth and Winnie were in good moods.
Beth was sixteen. Her favorite color was brown and she shared a room with Winnie.
Winnie- age 14. She was best friends with Tabitha Penworthy. More on that later.
Lucas, the youngest of their family, was seven years old.
Bethany and Winnie started pouring cereal into their bowls just as Mrs. Hawdrid came in.
“Hi mom,” Bethany said as she chomped down on a huge bite of cereal.
“Good morning, sweetie,” Mrs. Hawdrid leaned over and gave her daughter’s kisses.
“Where’s dad?” Winnie asked.
“He left early for work so he can pick up Jimmy at the airport.”
“Oh, I’m so excited!” Winnie squealed.
Suddenly they heard a yell at the top of the stairs, and following, they all watched Lucas slide down the stair banister.
“Lucas, you are so loud,” Beth complained.
Mrs. Hawdrid just laughed and poured some cereal for her and Lucas.
Winnie slurped up the last of her milk and ran upstairs to get dressed. She found a cute tiered, knee-length shirt and an aqua-colored polo shirt and quickly threw them on. Beth came into their room just as Winnie was leaving.
“Nice outfit. What should I wear?” Beth asked.
“How about that African-looking sundress?”
“The one with the ruffles on the bottom? I guess that’d be cute!”
Winnie brushed her tangled brown hair and swept it up into a ponytail.
Mrs. Hawdrid walked upstairs, the phone to her ear.
“Yes, we can’t wait to see you guys! Uh-hu. Uh-hu. Ok, we can do that. Ok. Love you!”
Beth and Winnie squealed. “Who is it? Is it Jimmy? Let me talk to him!”
Mrs. Hawdrid hung up the phone.
“It was your dad. He got a call from Jimmy, and his flight was early- he’s going to get here in an hour.”
“AAAHHH!!!!” the girls screamed and ran down the stairs and flew onto the front porch.
“Girls, he’s not coming for an hour!” Mrs. Hawdrid called after them.
Winnie and Beth sat on the porch swing and watched the road.
“Beth, Winnie, he’s not going to be here for an hour. Why don’t you go over to the Penworthy’s for a while?”
The Penworthy’s were the largest family in the town. Well, practically not a town, since there were only 67 people in the barely-a-town place of Fathelton. The Penworthy’s were actually about a fourth the population. Mr. and Mrs. Penworthy were the proud parents of 12 children- and, as always, Mrs. Penworthy had another one on the way. Those twelve children were Maendy, age 21, who had already gotten married and moved away. So had Jason, 20. Next in line were the twins, Carla and Mason. They were 19. Then it went along with Clark, 17, Bethany (Beth Hawdrid’s best friend), 16 (same as Beth), and Tabitha- she was Winnie’s best friend since they were little. Winnie and Tabitha were both swimmers- they swam with each other as often as possible in the Penworthy’s Olympic-sized pool. After Tabitha was Martin, who was eleven and played with Lucas. Natalie was nine, and then the newest additions were now three- Merek, Georgia, and Sheridan, the triplets. Everyone in town knew the Penworthy's, everyone in the Penworthy's family knew everyone else. Everybody knew everybody.
So Winnie and Beth grabbed their bikes and started pedaling through their orchards toward the Penworthy’s.  They reached their backyard and leaned their bikes against the house. Winnie and Beth walked in through the kitchen door and greeted everyone who was still eating breakfast.
“Have a roll,” Clark gestured at the large pile of warm rolls. Beth did, but Winnie didn’t.
“Hey, where’s Tabitha? And where’s Carla and Natalie?”
“Oh, you noticed that some of our family’s missing. Well, it’s a funny story, it relates to your family. Well, at least why Carla’s gone. She’s gone because-”
CLARK!” Bethany P. yelled and stopped him mid-sentence.
“Carla’s just gone somewhere, Natalie’s sick in bed and Tabitha’s swimming,” Bethany told them. Winnie thanked her and ran out to the pool.
“Hey, Tab!” Winnie said as she dipped her toes in the water.
“Hi!” Tabitha called from the diving board. She ran and gave a powerful jump on the end of the board before twisting in the air. Splash!
“Nice layout!” Winnie called. Tabitha swam over to her friend.
“You know, Winnie, you left your swimsuit over here last night. And you still have my clothes you borrowed, too.”
“Actually, those clothes I borrowed from you, you borrowed from me a few weeks ago,” Winnie laughed. The two girls were like sisters, sharing all their clothes- and the two both had the same, brown, 13-inch long hair.
Winnie changed into her swimsuit and they swam, dove, and played in the water for quite a long time. After a while, Beth H. came running out of the Penworthy’s three-story house.
“WINNIE! WINNIE!” Beth yelled as she ran towards them.
“What is it?” Winnie said, pulling herself out of the pool.
“I just saw dad’s car driving up the road towards our house! JIMMY’S BACK!”

There you go! This is part of the first chapter. I might put more up some other time... comment if you want me to!

Oct 18, 2011

Twosday Favs 27

Wow! It's been a really long time since I did one of these. Lately my schedule on Tuesdays has been a little crazy, and since I don't have any reminders on my computer anymore to tell me "Do Twosday Favs" I have been forgetting! :):) Well, here we are, Twosday Favs No. 27!

P.S. My computer is being reeeeeeeaaaally slow this morning, so I'm having trouble finding the right pictures for stuff. :)
Vintage Envelopes....

Jostieflicks. I've probably done this before. :)

Jostieflicks: 9 Home Alone

Jostieflicks: 9 Home Alone 2

Oct 17, 2011

Playing with pictures

After spending some time playing with pictures, this is the result:
"The Secret of the Hidden Kitten"
"The Mystery of the Missing Cat"
"The Glass Cat Secret" (Glass referring to a magnifying glass)
or perhaps
"The Handglass Feline"

You can hear the bad guys laughing evil-ly in the background. :)

Oct 15, 2011

Ah, the charm of an old County Fair...

All pictures found via Google photo search.

Oct 14, 2011

I was born 80 years late...

Pinned Imagevia pinterest

I wish I could jump into this picture. It's so unique! I hardly ever find pictures like this- so forties-ish. :)
I love their hats... I could live without the fur scarves, but they do look dignified in them!

Well, as some of you might know, I don't have a Pinterest account but I look around on there and get some of my pictures from there. I usually get distracted and find things like this:
Pinned Image
And then I go find things like this:
It's cool even if it is floating umbrellas. :)
And this:
Pinned Image
And then I go, "What was this post about?" and then I say, "Well.... I should probably stop spending 22 minutes trying to find five pictures." and at last I say, "Ok. I'm done."

Oct 12, 2011

I want to be able to wear these every day.

I want to wake up and live in a castle, and my first choice is to wear a priceless gown of lucious fabrics.
Or  maybe I'd wake up in a cabin. I'd hear buggies going by, driving down the main street- the dirt road of the town. I'd see all the women in their calicos, getting ready for a tea party. Then I'd dress and rush downstairs to join in the conversation.
Perhaps I wouldn't ever fall asleep. The wagon would be too bumpy. Oregon seems so far away, but so close at the same time. I'd pull a dirty dress over my head and impatiently await the day when I can wash my dresses clean and wear clothes that aren't dusty and gross.
Maybe I wouldn't know what clean clothes wear, in a sense. Everything would be covered with dust. Rickety wagons may lumber through the streets, pulled by donkeys, but I would usually walk.
Perhaps I'll just wake up and climb out of bed, glad that God put me exactly where He wants me to be.......


Pinned Image

Isn't that great? I love it. I wonder how they did it... did they overlap two pictures or what? It is so awesome.
Have a great Wednesday!

Oct 11, 2011

Then and Now: School


Things have definitely changed- no doubt about that! But then again, I've always been homeschooled, so public school is always different. Public school isn't bad, mind you, and lots of people would rather public school. I'm just a true homeschooler. Hehe. :)

With many warm regards and good luck on studying, wherever you school...


I will go to Paris in the fall
Pinned Image
And everything will be wonderful...

Pinned Image
And I will wear this.

What will you do someday?


Oct 6, 2011

Vintage Fashion Week Day 2&3

Day 2:

Day 3:
Vintage Black and White Early 1940s Photo of a Woman and her Puppy
I had LOTS of trouble getting one close to my outfit, but this is pretty close.
Wow.... when I put that skirt on (I haven't worn it in weeks and weeks) I realized that it was getting REALLY tight... then I looked at the size: a four. I fit in like 8s. Lol! Actually I don't know what size I fit in because with skirts, I never have to find the right number on the tag, it just has to fit around my waist without falling down or squeezing me. Hehe. :)
See you tomorrow!

Oct 5, 2011


Hey everyone! We're over at a friends house as of now, so today's Vintage Fashion Week Day (3 or 4?) will be postponed. Uh-oh... did I forget yesterdays? Oh wait, never mind! Well, have a great day and sorry for the delay!

Oct 4, 2011

Vintage Fashion Week Day 2

I interupt my "copying a vintage picture" to bring you this exciting news...

It's Fall!!!
I know the calendar told us fall started more than a week ago, but today was the first real day of fall. It was cold- like jacket-boots-gloves weather. Yay!!!

So this is my fall outfit, which I am SO excited to be wearing!

I was SO cold without my jacket on!

It's really funny, because it's mostly green here, but the leaves are turning!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
This one is totally like where I live- rainy. :)

See you tomorrow, with our previously scheduled Vintage outfit!

Oct 3, 2011

Math Skills...and a Movie or two

I've done a little math, and so far, into October I've averaged at 4 pageviews a day. That's pretty good compared to 1 pageview a month. :) April is still my biggest month, because that's when I participated in the Bramblewood Fashion Nancy Drew Fashion Week. That was so much fun! :)

Oh, and I just thought of something! Twosday Favs is pretty much not a weekly anymore- my Tuesdays have stuff scheduled in them now, actually! So I probably won't be doing them very often.... well, now that I said that you can probably expect one tomorrow... but that's just probable.
I'm in love with this picture;
Ginger is so cute!!! And Fred Astaire is like my role model for tap dance!
Here's his tap dance in Easter Parade:
Here's another tap dance from Broadway Melody of 1940 with Eleanor Powell
 (my female role model of tap dance)
And lastly, Eleanor Powell's Boat Dance!

Sorry if these are bad quality...I just picked them from the ones we watch on youtube. :)
See you tomorrow!

Vintage Fashion Week Day 1

Today my dress is going to be copied from this picture:
Especially the one on the far right :)

I LOVE the ruffles!

Join us tomorrow... day 2 holds a copy of my favorite movie! (For those of you have have been faithful followers for a while, you know what I'm talking about!)