Dec 21, 2010


I have more than 100 views!
I'm really excited, even though most of these views are probably from me coming and and logging in and viewing posts..... haha.
Yes, that is me, beside our giganticly huge tree! We had to cut about three feet off of it before we could set it up. It looks kind of small in this picture...
Scroll to the bottom of this page to see how big it is!

Ok, I like Garfield :) and after I read some of the comics, I am quoting all the funny lines from it for like a week!
 So, that's it for today! With love, Mary

Dec 16, 2010

New look

Ok, I've tried to act like the high and mighty published Mary Minship should be, but that's not really me... :):) Well I really am Mary Minship you know but I've been acting like i've been trying to act like a 20 year old or something when I'm seven years from that. Hopefully I sometimes sound like a 13 year old... Well, I guess I've dropped you hints because a 20 year old would already know the spelling words I'm doing.... click here to see hint one: Hint 1
Hopefully the 20 year olds out there already know what extraneeous means :)
In this one, you can tell I'm trying to act like the published Mary Minship- a not-13-year-old: Hint 2

Hint 3 I was trying to show pictures not of me because I don't look like what I think of Mary Minship to look like.... I kind of picture her like Winifred, except with not as pointy of a nose and more blondish-brown hair, and brown eyes like me.

So, I'm going to go do school. (something the older, grownup Mary Minship wouldn't say because she already finished school!) :) Now I can relax more with this blog. Haha! Now you know why the grownup, older Mary Minship's writing seemed like it was written by a 13-year-old... because it was!

Dec 8, 2010

First picture ever

Hey everyone! I thought my blog looked a little bland, so I'm going to spice it up a bit.
 my cat! i luv him :)
 my cat who doesn't like having a Christmas bow on his head
 ive always wanted to take one of these pics where there are the lovely little dots where the lights shine
I found this on the internet and thought it was interesting... see the abc or the 123?

Dec 2, 2010

Just around the corner.....

My Black Friday shopping was a huge success, thanks to JoAnn's Fabric store!! They had the most amazing sales, which gave me tons of ideas for Christmas presents! I bought the most adorable little buttons, too, Buy 1 get 1 free! I am in love with the store now. I'm just waiting for after Christmas sales! Ok, I'm waiting for Christmas first, and then I'll await the sales! Can you believe Christmas is almost here? It's just around the corner, and oh I wish I could run around that corner! Christmas has to be my favorite holiday. Last year I spent Christmas with family- grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins. It was great, but I am glad to have a Christmas at home this year, in our foot of snow! And the snow keeps falling! It's really exciting, because last year we had a very rainy winter. So, how about all of you guys? What are you doing for Christmas?

Nov 30, 2010


What's Up with Mary Minship Nov. 30th

Well, I've created a new line of books- Simply called My Book. They are blank books you can write, doodle, ect.ect.ect. in! I have also published one My Diary. Click here to go to my store. The Books are at the top. I got that writing bug i wanted. Well, halfway. It sort of came, and it kind of died. I've been half-heartedly writing. Now that the snow is about a foot tall, I should probably get something soon. :) Love you all, and keep reading!

Microsoft Word for Supplying the pictures

Nov 19, 2010

What's Up with Mary Minship- Nov. 19th

The snow is so beautiful- even if it does only stay until the afternoon! I've woken up to gorgeous sparkling white the last two days- hopefully tomorrow is the same! I also hope it sparks a writing bug in me. Lately I've been a little slow in writing. I wrote a bit of Winifred's Hopes, the sequel. It's a great book so far- I hope I can keep it up!
So, I'd like your opinion. Should I finish writing the sequel to Winifred's Dream? I have some other great books I could work on, but I'd like to please you guys. Comment please!
Here's a look at Winifred's Hopes. Someone is getting married... Winifred is a junior bridesmaid, as well as her best friend, and everything seems to be going wrong. What will happen?

Nov 7, 2010

Winifred's*Update Nov. 7

Hey y'all, I just came in from the orchards. Mom had me pick fifteen pear trees bare as punishment for not getting home on time five days in a row. I know, I know, I really should be a good girl, and why in the world would I be late home, blablabla. Well, since school just let out, me and Tab (tabitha, my best friend), have been hanging out. Mostly we spend our time with our heads hanging off the edge of the couch in the guest bedroom. We keep our most important stuff under there, like our friend journals, a blue ribbon we won at the fair when we were five, etc.
My mom just came in and read over my shoulder. she said I need to capitalize better and not make run-on sentences, but since this stuff is my life, and that's how my room looks most of the time, she said I could leave it all messy. Except my room.
I mean, I just looked over what I've written so far and I don't see anything messy about it, just me. Maybe I'm the messy one. Hmm.... well, I haven't brushed my hair yet. It gets really poofy when I don't brush it, especially now that it's getting really hot at nights. Maybe that's what mom was talking about, i don't know. Well, those pears I just picked are calling my name...
See you later! :)

Nov 3, 2010

What's Up with Mary Minship- Nov. 3

Hey everyone, it's Mary here! Lately I've been enjoying the autumn colors and expanding my knowledge of useless words.... a.k.a vocab in school. Why do I have to learn what extraneouss means?
Ok, well, I guess I'm not too sad, because a lot of my vocab words have been useful :)
I think I start too many books at one time, because I have- oh, I don't know- a MILLION books started that either I don't feel like finishing, or I don't feel like writing at that time. One is about a young girl who has no friends- except an old lady whom the whole town calls Crow. When Crow dies, the little girl visits the house in the woods often and tends to the garden, and her pets, two parrots.
I haven't finished any more haha.
Leave a comment if you want me to finish that, or tell you about more stories.... or anything :) haha

Oct 28, 2010

The Intellectually Challenged- A peek at the Book

The Intellectually Challenged- A humorous Book

Now, for those of you who are intellectually challenged, this book is a book for you. It is filled with the thoughts of the other intellectually challenged, which will fill your mind with wonderful things. This book has helped so many of the I.C.’s (intellectually challenged), and the question/answer sections, biography section, and many other sections will lead you toward the total wonder of…… Intellectually Challenged Possibilities.

Section One: The Possibility

The possibility that you, an Intellectually Challenged, would join a group of I.C.’s in many fun things, might be a bit of a shock to you. But to calm the shock, take a moment off of reading, get some lemon water and a slice of marshmallow caramel pie, and relax. My favorite way to relax is to get up and do fourteen jumping jacks, and odd number of sit-ups (mostly the odd number of 1), and then scream at the top of my lungs. Then I collapse into my chair and read.
The list below is just a small part of what the groups of I.C.’s everywhere do. This list may be a good reminder to you that I.C.’s are not bad. Simply, they take a pleasure in life and group it into a group. And the finished work is an I.C. group.


1.    Eat Chocolate Chunk cookies with ice cream until they feel about to burst
2.    Go outside on a winters day and comment on peoples nice summer tans
3.    Take pictures of dead plants
4.    Write poems commemorating the dead plants
5.    Send in the poems and pictures to the newspaper
6.    Draw your friend
7.    Draw your friend’s hands
8.    Draw a random object, such as a cucumber, a toxic gasoline spill on a highway, etc.
9.    Go online and listen to your favorite song at the highest volume, making your neighbors go crazy… All while you wear ear plugs.

Certainly, you can see now that the I.C. group is a possibility…. The best possible possibility.
As the president of I.C. Group One, I have learned many answers to many questions. I have learned many questions to many answers.