Nov 19, 2010

What's Up with Mary Minship- Nov. 19th

The snow is so beautiful- even if it does only stay until the afternoon! I've woken up to gorgeous sparkling white the last two days- hopefully tomorrow is the same! I also hope it sparks a writing bug in me. Lately I've been a little slow in writing. I wrote a bit of Winifred's Hopes, the sequel. It's a great book so far- I hope I can keep it up!
So, I'd like your opinion. Should I finish writing the sequel to Winifred's Dream? I have some other great books I could work on, but I'd like to please you guys. Comment please!
Here's a look at Winifred's Hopes. Someone is getting married... Winifred is a junior bridesmaid, as well as her best friend, and everything seems to be going wrong. What will happen?


October said...

Definitly Winifred's Hopes. Get over that writer's block, and write hard! Go Winifred- and Mary Minship!

Katie said...

I agree! Winifred's Hopes is a sure go. I loved Winifred's Dream, I've only read it once. I want to read it again! It's so amazing.