Nov 7, 2010

Winifred's*Update Nov. 7

Hey y'all, I just came in from the orchards. Mom had me pick fifteen pear trees bare as punishment for not getting home on time five days in a row. I know, I know, I really should be a good girl, and why in the world would I be late home, blablabla. Well, since school just let out, me and Tab (tabitha, my best friend), have been hanging out. Mostly we spend our time with our heads hanging off the edge of the couch in the guest bedroom. We keep our most important stuff under there, like our friend journals, a blue ribbon we won at the fair when we were five, etc.
My mom just came in and read over my shoulder. she said I need to capitalize better and not make run-on sentences, but since this stuff is my life, and that's how my room looks most of the time, she said I could leave it all messy. Except my room.
I mean, I just looked over what I've written so far and I don't see anything messy about it, just me. Maybe I'm the messy one. Hmm.... well, I haven't brushed my hair yet. It gets really poofy when I don't brush it, especially now that it's getting really hot at nights. Maybe that's what mom was talking about, i don't know. Well, those pears I just picked are calling my name...
See you later! :)


Katie said...

I love Winifred! I hope she can update us some more!

Mary (same as my fav writer!) said...

I'm real excited to here more from her.