Nov 26, 2011


it's like earning free money... for doing nothing.


now that I said that I feel bad for "earning money without doing anything."



Well, you've gotta check out swagbucks. It's SO neat!
Here are some of my favorite things you can buy with your swagbucks:

450 Swagbucks = $5 Amazon gift card

17,999 Swagbucks = Flip UltraHD Video Camera (eepers!)
Flip UltraHD Video Camera - Black, 8 GB, 2 Hours

Here's a crazy one....

22,999 Swagbucks = iPod touch.

iPod Touch (8GB)
WOW!!! You can also get a $100 e-gift card to Starbucks for like 64,000 or something. Woww.....

Do any of you have swagbucks?

Nov 25, 2011

JesusChick's Favorite Black Friday Commercial...

in a word?


in 10 words?


OK. Now that I said it would be a real laugh... it probably won't.

Note to Kathleen and Rebecca (faithful friends!!!): Concerning our inside joke, you definitely need to watch this!!! And laugh!!
(Yes... we have an inside joke. It's not even funny... unless you are wierd like us! Lol!)

LOL!!!! See this post at Jesus Chick's blog to see some more laughs!!!!

Nov 23, 2011

Christmas Checklist: The Candy Canes

Christmas Checklist 2011:
1. Lights
2. Candy Canes

Happy Thanksgiving!

(This is a scheduled post)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Nov 22, 2011

Twosday Favs 29

What?!?!? I... remembered to do Twosday Favs???

Well.... don't get too excited- :). I made a new button for this weekly and that's how I remembered!

So here we go, Twosday Favs 29- the not-so-weekly- weekly.

The new button!!!

Favorite 1:

This Princess sailor pea coat- swoon!

Favorite 2:

Nancy Drew's hair. Which one do you like best? I like the one on the bottom right. :)


Nov 21, 2011

Vintage Christmas Dress

It's time for some Vintage Clothing!!! (Two posts in one day? Haven't done that for a while!) Look and enjoy.... and comment- what's your favorite Christmas outfit?

Rhema Marvanne, 7-year-old singer- she is a Christian little girl and loves to sing worship songs. Her mother died of cancer when she was young, and now she uses the gift of singing that God gave her to spread the gospel through worship. I love this song- it's so catchy!

4 weeks and 6 days until Christmas,

Vision Forum Giveaway = SCREAMS OF HAPPINESS!!!

Yes, that's right-
Vision Forum is giving away three gift certificates to the tune of $600 smackeroos!

Vision Forum sells many things- Christian books, toys, DVDS, cds, and so much more. Just a few days ago we watched their movie- Created Cosmos. It was so amazing!! It left us all in awe.

Go to Raising Olives or one of the other blogs and enter!!! It is an unbelievable giveaway- for a $300 certificate, $200, and $100 dollar gift certificates- I am SO excited about this!!!

18th Thing to Do

18. Get a record player


I am so happy! All day yesterday I was listening to Glenn Miller, Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Singin' in the Rain, and Christmas music....
Well, it's only 8:00 in the morning as of now, and I have yet to turn it on.
So if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go turn on Star Dust....
Oh, and here's a picture of one of my records- it still works, but we can only listen to half the song!
(This record is a host to Little Brown Jug and Moonlight Serenade... half of them, at least!)

Nov 17, 2011

Something to Brighten your Day

It's 5 weeks and 3 days until Christmas.

(I can't upload any pictures right now because Google is the only place working on our computer....hmm...)


Nov 13, 2011

Rachel's Caption Contest!

Girl: (yank yank) This is fun!
Cat: Ouch! Stop yanking my whiskers!


Man 1: The moon has always looked terribly uncomfortable.
Man 2: I'm sure glad we brought this couch!


Mother: Goodbye, Father!
Daughter: Goodbye, Father!
Father: (to daughter) The winds got yer skirt! Keep your clothes down, Jenny!

It won't let me load the last one, so I'll just caption it without the picture and you can check out the post here.
4. Guy on ladder: Trimming these hedges will be a breeze with this ladder. (sees pretty girl in pink) Ooh lala!
Lady in pink: Hello, up there... Hey! You're ruining my hedges! And you're getting hedge pieces all over my new car- which happens to be a Mercades- and very expensive.
Guy: It also happens to be the thing which my ladder is propped up against. Hey! Don't drive away! Ahh!! (crash)

The Andy Griffith Show

{via google web search}

We've been watching a lot of these lately- we've seen I think all the ones from the 1st season, and a few from the 2nd season. The 1st season cannot be beat! They are so funny. The 2nd season episodes aren't as humorous- don't get me wrong, I like them, but they just aren't as "hahaha!". All the ones I've seen are clean and don't have anything bad in them, and that's really nice to see in a TV show! That's why I like old ones.

What have you been watching lately?

Now for a quick little vintage fashion: Definitely not "The Andy Griffith Show" time period... but I sure do love these dresses! (All dresses for sale at

Calico Dress


Victorian Boot

See you later,

Nov 12, 2011

242nd post

It's snowing.
Like, 3 inches snowing.

And it's still snowing.


I am so excited!

I love the snow.

Nov 10, 2011

What's up with Me November 10th

Hey everyone!
To make this a little more fun, I'm going to make a list-
lists are always fun. :)

1. Fall has nearly passed here because with our first frost far behind us, everything is this color: Brown.

This is a shot I took before it snowed... yes, it already snowed, but only like .04 of an inch and it already melted...:)

2. Wishing my life could kind of look like this:

1910 via www.

3. I'm really into little peekers in the this one.
I love that you can see the two cats, but it's focused on the one.

Two cats again! As you can tell I was in the mood for taking cat pictures...

This has gotta be my favorite! I think it's because the tortoiseshell (Cali) is always in wierd places and wierd positions, and the orange tabby (Sunny) my cat, is always just sleeping or eating. :)
That's pretty much it unless I can include

4. I want it to snow, but I can wait until Thanksgiving! (maybe....)

5. I wish I could live somewhere where I could even fathom having a garden that grows something other than zuchinni and where we could own animals (think: cows, horses, pigs, chickens... the general farm norm!)

6. I am so excited that I have been able to act lately- and that my performance is soon!

7. Looking over wishlists and thankful lists makes me feel like this: Ungrateful. Grateful! Ungrateful. Grateful! Lol!

8. If I can get this list to 10, that is a good stopping place.

9. I'm really into making videos right now and adding sound effects.

10. Stopping point!

Do you ever feel like one of those people who never finishes their sent

Nov 5, 2011

I'm Back! (Kind of)

Hey everyone!
It's certainly been a while since I've been on... well, about a week or two. :) Lately, blogger has just not been in any sense a priority- I have a reason!
I have been acting lately (Praise God! That's an answered prayer!) and we meet twice a week- on Tuesday's and Thursday's- so that explains the missing Twosday Favs and Thursday Then and Now's.
As for posts on other days, I haven't had anything to post! :)
But since it's started dropping snowflakes here and there, I figured it's been a long enough time since my last post about Autumn!

This is a fashion ad I think- some sort of ad, anyway. The thing that is funny about this is that she's wearing high heels!

I just found Jesus Chick's blog and love it!
I'm a JESUS CHICKCheck it out- you'll like it too!

Me and SMK have been talking about this movie alot- Royal Wedding!

Starring two of the best actors ever- Jane Powell and Fred Astaire!
My favorite actresses are Eleanor Powell, Jane Powell, Judy Garland, and Ann Miller.
My favorite actors are Fred Astaire.......that's pretty much it. :) He's my favorite actor! Well, I like Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain, and Bing Crosby- but Fred Astaire is definitely best.


Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire {via}

Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire again, {via}\
Those two starred in one of my three top favorite movies, Broadway Melody of 1940.

Well, I have to go now!
Have a great week~