Nov 5, 2011

I'm Back! (Kind of)

Hey everyone!
It's certainly been a while since I've been on... well, about a week or two. :) Lately, blogger has just not been in any sense a priority- I have a reason!
I have been acting lately (Praise God! That's an answered prayer!) and we meet twice a week- on Tuesday's and Thursday's- so that explains the missing Twosday Favs and Thursday Then and Now's.
As for posts on other days, I haven't had anything to post! :)
But since it's started dropping snowflakes here and there, I figured it's been a long enough time since my last post about Autumn!

This is a fashion ad I think- some sort of ad, anyway. The thing that is funny about this is that she's wearing high heels!

I just found Jesus Chick's blog and love it!
I'm a JESUS CHICKCheck it out- you'll like it too!

Me and SMK have been talking about this movie alot- Royal Wedding!

Starring two of the best actors ever- Jane Powell and Fred Astaire!
My favorite actresses are Eleanor Powell, Jane Powell, Judy Garland, and Ann Miller.
My favorite actors are Fred Astaire.......that's pretty much it. :) He's my favorite actor! Well, I like Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain, and Bing Crosby- but Fred Astaire is definitely best.


Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire {via}

Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire again, {via}\
Those two starred in one of my three top favorite movies, Broadway Melody of 1940.

Well, I have to go now!
Have a great week~



SMK said...

Yeah Looooooove that movie :D yesterday I just finished Easter Parade!

And today we watched The good ol' summertime. I thought it was pretty good. No wonder I love it .... It has Judy Garland!


.p.s Right now I can hear some THUMPITY THUMPITY of little feet running up and down the stairs! Guess who!..... Calvin and millie lol

JesusChick said...

I'm so glad you like my blog! :D When people say that they enjoy reading my randomness, it keeps me motivated. Thank you so much! :)