Nov 10, 2011

What's up with Me November 10th

Hey everyone!
To make this a little more fun, I'm going to make a list-
lists are always fun. :)

1. Fall has nearly passed here because with our first frost far behind us, everything is this color: Brown.

This is a shot I took before it snowed... yes, it already snowed, but only like .04 of an inch and it already melted...:)

2. Wishing my life could kind of look like this:

1910 via www.

3. I'm really into little peekers in the this one.
I love that you can see the two cats, but it's focused on the one.

Two cats again! As you can tell I was in the mood for taking cat pictures...

This has gotta be my favorite! I think it's because the tortoiseshell (Cali) is always in wierd places and wierd positions, and the orange tabby (Sunny) my cat, is always just sleeping or eating. :)
That's pretty much it unless I can include

4. I want it to snow, but I can wait until Thanksgiving! (maybe....)

5. I wish I could live somewhere where I could even fathom having a garden that grows something other than zuchinni and where we could own animals (think: cows, horses, pigs, chickens... the general farm norm!)

6. I am so excited that I have been able to act lately- and that my performance is soon!

7. Looking over wishlists and thankful lists makes me feel like this: Ungrateful. Grateful! Ungrateful. Grateful! Lol!

8. If I can get this list to 10, that is a good stopping place.

9. I'm really into making videos right now and adding sound effects.

10. Stopping point!

Do you ever feel like one of those people who never finishes their sent

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