Nov 13, 2011

Rachel's Caption Contest!

Girl: (yank yank) This is fun!
Cat: Ouch! Stop yanking my whiskers!


Man 1: The moon has always looked terribly uncomfortable.
Man 2: I'm sure glad we brought this couch!


Mother: Goodbye, Father!
Daughter: Goodbye, Father!
Father: (to daughter) The winds got yer skirt! Keep your clothes down, Jenny!

It won't let me load the last one, so I'll just caption it without the picture and you can check out the post here.
4. Guy on ladder: Trimming these hedges will be a breeze with this ladder. (sees pretty girl in pink) Ooh lala!
Lady in pink: Hello, up there... Hey! You're ruining my hedges! And you're getting hedge pieces all over my new car- which happens to be a Mercades- and very expensive.
Guy: It also happens to be the thing which my ladder is propped up against. Hey! Don't drive away! Ahh!! (crash)


Rachel said...

Thanks for doing it! that made me laugh! very creative!

Girl of God said...