Feb 28, 2011

A Rainbow of Colors

Well, since my new blog theme is a Rainbow, the rainbows have arrived! I have to admit I have so much fun looking for all these pictures (courtesy of google images).
All the pictures I find (except the ones I take myself) I find on Google Images. I forget to mention that sometimes- I'm sorry I haven't paid due the credit deserved for these photos.
The third photo, of snow and a rainbow, I chose because at the moment here, it is snowing heavily and has been for a while.
I've been wanting to work on writing a story of mine- called The Old House- for some time now. Sadly, school is not done and writing comes second. Oh, dear me, creativity is unleashed but work must come first.
Well, speaking of work-first, I haven't completed all of it yet here I am jabbering away.. :)
I do love to blog!
I must work.... boohoo but that's like kiddo.
As my sister once said (to what I replied "HAHA!!! I can't breathe!)
"What up, bye, peeps."
love yah

Movie Moments: My Fair Lady

The last time I watched this movie was quite a while ago but it is a charming movie. It's funny that Audrey Hepburn sang in the movie, and her voice wasn't perfect. I guess back then people didn't lip sync (haha).

The classic black-and-white style of My Fair Lady captures our attention with the dramatic contrast and fine detail. All the frills, lace, and ladylike accesories make for a very attractive outfit.

Don't you wish these wonderful nightgowns were still the normal bedtime wear? I think they are very feminine. Not that I would wear them everywhere... that would be quite... strange. But I do love them.

From my point of view I think that the movie could be cleaner but is, all in all, a classic movie that captures the hearts of all who watch it.

Feb 26, 2011

2/26/11 Outfit

I decided that I wanted to share my outfit with you today. I really liked it when I put it on... so.... I'm sharing it with you. As previously stated. Today I think I am sort of repetitive. I didn't sleep much last night because me and my sisters had a sleepover in front of the fireplace. Ahhhh. It was warm. But then it got cold because it was -10 degrees outside. Anyway, here is my outfit.

I love how twirly my skirt is! It reminds me of some vintage-dance musical movie! I'll dance around the room and pretend to be in a musical. It's so much fun. I hope this movie works for you.
Recently we discovered a song by Judy Garland- called I love the Piano/Snookie Ookums. Click here to see it, it's so funny and cute!


Feb 24, 2011

Thursday's Dresses 6

Hello and welcome to this week's Thursday's Dresses! It's funny to me that I'm a writer but my blog is more about fashion than books. I guess that's alright because I am not an average person- I am unique!

My first dress is this ADORABLE calico ruffly brown vintage dress... long explaination but that's what it is! :)

This is such a pretty dress. I don't like the neckline- but it is quite pretty.

AHHH LOVE IT! I really love the 1940's housewife look. Don't you?

So I have some blogs statistics-
1. I have more than 1,000 views now!
2. I have 7 followers.
3. My giveaway ends in two days and I only have 2 contestants so far... enter soon and tell all your friends! Love it!

Feb 23, 2011

Comment Moderation

I'm sorry to say that I have had to enable comment moderation because I got some wierd ones that weren't exactly up to our standards or very pure. In the Bible it says to think of pure and noble things.
Turning to a lighter subject, I found some really cute vintage ads and pictures.
I absolutely adore this coat with the two rows of buttons!

Old Coca-Cola ads are the best!

Don't you love this? I love that vintage housewives wore their hair up!

So I'm not crazy about the actual sweater but the whole vintage look is so sweet.

Vintage jewelry ad! Can it get any better?

Feb 22, 2011

Photo Challenge: Reflection

Danielle at daniellespaperheart.blogspot.com did a photo challenge, click here to see. I decided to try it out myself. I had lots of fun and although I sometimes got discouraged, I always got a new inspiration. Here are the final pictures.

This one is definitly a favorite. We love our cats :)

This one I'm not as crazy about. I think it's the purple tint I i used and the picture isn't the clearest.

I took this picture looking down at the mirror. It was so perfect because the light reflected and made such pretty designs.

Tonight for dinner I tried quinoa with chicken and peas. It was delicious! My friend said she thought it tasted country-ish. I explained it as more of a foreighn taste. Have you ever tried it? How would you explain it? Since I just now tried it I have difficulty really explaining what it is... rice balls?? That was my first impression. It tastes good though!

Twosday Favs (5)

Fav One: Vintage Patterns!
We got a whole box of vintage patterns and had so much fun looking at them- even started making some!

Fav Two: The crazy amounts of snow we've been getting!
The first two pictures are from a few days ago. The last one I took literally three minutes before posting! :)

Love yah!

Feb 21, 2011

Blogger Awards: February 2011

Welcome to
February 2011's
Blogger Award Ceremony!

After some consideration,
I realized I only followed five blogs.
So I was on the search to find
more uplifting, Christian-girl blogs.
It wasn't hard to find them.

I had so much fun commenting, reading, and enjoying all these blogs, I wished I could award them all.
But since I have to choose one...

The Winner of this month's Blogger of the Month Award goes to...

Moriah, at Uniquely Fashioned for His Glory!
Congratulations, Moriah!

Thank you for attending this month's
Blogger Awards!

Feb 19, 2011

Amigurumi: Giveaway Game

Due to some problems the Amigurumi Giveaway is cancelled. I hope this does not inconvienence you in any way.
Mary Minship

Welcome to my Amigurumi Giveaway Game!
Here are the prizes:
Prize One:
 A Strawberry-Guava scented potpourri 'cupcake'.

Prize Two:
A purple Amigurumi Pig!

This Giveaway is being held to name my little Amigurumi turtle.
To enter, simply leave a comment suggesting a name for the Amigurumi turtle.
1. The turtle's suggested name must start with a "T"
2. Please specify which one of the prizes you would like- the pig or the potpourri cupcake- in your comment.
3. In your comment leave your email address so we can get in touch with you if you win.

For other entries,
1. Post about it on your blog.
Please leave a comment for each entry. Tell all your friends about the Amigurumi Giveaway!

This giveaway closes February 26th, 2011.

If you would not like your email address to be public, please email me at minshipwriter@gmail.com, still following the rules as if you were publishing a comment. Thank you!

Feb 18, 2011

More Amigurumi

Jemimah C. asked me if I had a pattern for Amigurumi.
I found all the patterns in this book by Ana Paula Rimoli.
And... there is going to be an amigurumi prize for the winner of the turtle-naming contest. (click on the link to go to the contest.)
BUT.... I can't tell you what it is yet :)
I am going to contact Ashley Nicole from Bramble Wood Fashions to see if she would like to host the contest/giveaway.
I think I'm gonna call it the Giveaway Game because to enter you sorta have to play in the game.. :)
Love you guys! I'll post pictures of the PRIZE soon!

Feb 17, 2011

Ah, my new Ami

I've been crocheting.... I've been making...

A while back I had a page that showed pictures of my crocheted friends. I was working on one of them out of blue yarn. Well, I finished it....
and ta-daa!
It hasn't ever been officially decided whether Ollie is an eel or an inchworm.

Here is the first Ami I ever made....

It gets cuter.

AHAHAAAAH!!!!!!! I love it!
So I have a question. What should his/her name be? I haven't decided yet.....Please help me!
I will post the 'winner' and their blog, along with the winning name for my sweet little turtle. As you might have guessed I like names that start with the same letter as the animal. So in this case it would be a 'T' name for turtle. :) Love you guys!
P.S. There might be a prize! I'll tell you more later.....:)

Thursday's Dresses 5

If you love her as much as me, you've already guessed who she is....
Jane Powell!
This Thursday's Dresses was dedicated to her. She is so beautiful and was a wonderful actress! She also played in my favorite movie of all times, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I'm sure that I've mentioned that to you a few billion times but I guess it's worth repeating. It's my favorite musical, favorite movie... favorite story. :)

Feb 16, 2011

Customize your chocolate!

Customize your chocolate!
I found this website and it is so awesome!!! I haven't bought anything but I have customized haha. Check it out! It's really cool and if you need an extra-unique gift for somebody, you'll find it here!

Feb 15, 2011

Twosday Favs (4)

Hello! Whoa... I can't believe I've only done 4 of these. Wow. :)
Lately I've had the idea that I might do a giveaway sometime in the near future. So like when I say "near future" I mean sometime this year.... not like December 31st or anything but not like February 16th either. haha :)

Fav 1: Calico kittens! Actually any kittens, they are so cute.

Fav 2: Reading mystery stories. I am on the third chapter on this book and I like it. They say there is a "ghost" but from the very beginning Nancy says, to quote her, "There is a logical explanation".
Love you guys! :):):) I am happy right now which is a good thing because soon I need to do chores... and I seem to get more done if I go to do chores happily. Byebye :)