Feb 22, 2011

Photo Challenge: Reflection

Danielle at daniellespaperheart.blogspot.com did a photo challenge, click here to see. I decided to try it out myself. I had lots of fun and although I sometimes got discouraged, I always got a new inspiration. Here are the final pictures.

This one is definitly a favorite. We love our cats :)

This one I'm not as crazy about. I think it's the purple tint I i used and the picture isn't the clearest.

I took this picture looking down at the mirror. It was so perfect because the light reflected and made such pretty designs.

Tonight for dinner I tried quinoa with chicken and peas. It was delicious! My friend said she thought it tasted country-ish. I explained it as more of a foreighn taste. Have you ever tried it? How would you explain it? Since I just now tried it I have difficulty really explaining what it is... rice balls?? That was my first impression. It tastes good though!

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Mary! I'm so sorry I missed your pictures! Since you didn't link up or post your link I didn't know you entered.
I really like the first one. :)