Feb 15, 2011

Twosday Favs (4)

Hello! Whoa... I can't believe I've only done 4 of these. Wow. :)
Lately I've had the idea that I might do a giveaway sometime in the near future. So like when I say "near future" I mean sometime this year.... not like December 31st or anything but not like February 16th either. haha :)

Fav 1: Calico kittens! Actually any kittens, they are so cute.

Fav 2: Reading mystery stories. I am on the third chapter on this book and I like it. They say there is a "ghost" but from the very beginning Nancy says, to quote her, "There is a logical explanation".
Love you guys! :):):) I am happy right now which is a good thing because soon I need to do chores... and I seem to get more done if I go to do chores happily. Byebye :)

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