Feb 18, 2011

More Amigurumi

Jemimah C. asked me if I had a pattern for Amigurumi.
I found all the patterns in this book by Ana Paula Rimoli.
And... there is going to be an amigurumi prize for the winner of the turtle-naming contest. (click on the link to go to the contest.)
BUT.... I can't tell you what it is yet :)
I am going to contact Ashley Nicole from Bramble Wood Fashions to see if she would like to host the contest/giveaway.
I think I'm gonna call it the Giveaway Game because to enter you sorta have to play in the game.. :)
Love you guys! I'll post pictures of the PRIZE soon!


Ponytails [My Passions for Fashions] said...

This sounds fun, Mary! I'll comment with my names for your cute little turtle soon. Are amigurumi hard? I've never made one, but it might be fun to try! I've read some books from the library about amigurumi and they are so cute!


Mary said...

Amigurumi are actually really easy to make! Sometimes the patterns get a teeny bit confusing but they are easy once you've used the patterns one or two times.:) Love yah