Feb 28, 2011

Movie Moments: My Fair Lady

The last time I watched this movie was quite a while ago but it is a charming movie. It's funny that Audrey Hepburn sang in the movie, and her voice wasn't perfect. I guess back then people didn't lip sync (haha).

The classic black-and-white style of My Fair Lady captures our attention with the dramatic contrast and fine detail. All the frills, lace, and ladylike accesories make for a very attractive outfit.

Don't you wish these wonderful nightgowns were still the normal bedtime wear? I think they are very feminine. Not that I would wear them everywhere... that would be quite... strange. But I do love them.

From my point of view I think that the movie could be cleaner but is, all in all, a classic movie that captures the hearts of all who watch it.


Crista "Moriah" said...

Lovely post!

I like that movie. :)
(yep, I'm with you about they could have made it a little cleaner *wink)

I know! The nightgowns are not like they used to be...mainly it's just PJ's that they sell in the stores nowadays...it's especially hard to find nightgowns for my 10 & 11 yo sisters (but we ended up getting some sweet nightgowns from Vision Forum for them ;).

Anyway, I hope that you have a wonderful afternoon!


Jemimah C. said...

Oh, I liked My Fair Lady! Audrey Hepburn acted well in it. I thought someone was going to do a remake of it with Keira Knightley but maybe it was cancelled.