Feb 28, 2011

A Rainbow of Colors

Well, since my new blog theme is a Rainbow, the rainbows have arrived! I have to admit I have so much fun looking for all these pictures (courtesy of google images).
All the pictures I find (except the ones I take myself) I find on Google Images. I forget to mention that sometimes- I'm sorry I haven't paid due the credit deserved for these photos.
The third photo, of snow and a rainbow, I chose because at the moment here, it is snowing heavily and has been for a while.
I've been wanting to work on writing a story of mine- called The Old House- for some time now. Sadly, school is not done and writing comes second. Oh, dear me, creativity is unleashed but work must come first.
Well, speaking of work-first, I haven't completed all of it yet here I am jabbering away.. :)
I do love to blog!
I must work.... boohoo but that's like kiddo.
As my sister once said (to what I replied "HAHA!!! I can't breathe!)
"What up, bye, peeps."
love yah

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