Apr 29, 2011

Fashion Friday

How can I post 25 times in one month?
It's the 28th, and that means if I posted one a day I would have only had 3 days this month when I didn't blog. But actually I know for a fact that some days I posted multiple times. So in fact there were about 7 days of blog-free-ness.
This was the pic I took for Twosday Favs. It turned out pretty awesome.

Here's my marvelous outfit for this Friday!

Sorry about the weird light fragments on my skirt.... the curtains were partially open and flashing strangley strangelely strangly strangely


Apr 26, 2011

Twosday Favs 13

So I was excited because I had some pictures I had taken MYSELF to post up here... but I am too lazy to load them on to the computer. Isn't that so lame? Haha.

Fav one: Juice Squeeze. Found in the organic section of our local grocery store, it is a sparkling fruit juice with a delicious flavor! I use the empty glass bottle as my new water bottle! (it works great, unless you try to drink water without letting any air into the bottle- then your mouth gets suctioned to the top. Believe me. I did that once.)

Fav two: UMBRELLAS! They are so fantastic.
Yesterday while the rain beated away at the ground I went out and sang my heart out... quietly because we live in town hehe. But it was so wonderful.

Classic Audrey Hepburn with an umbrella. Love the hair!

Now.... for my favorite picture I found.....















GASP!!!!! Don't you LOVE it? It's like a vintage-Jane Powell- Audrey Hepburn- Jane Austen-Pride and Prejiduce- GORGEOUS- Unexplainable!!!!!!! I adore this picture!!! It's totally perfect for any Jane Austen fan or vintage fan or umbrella fan or any combination of that.

Anyhew, I hope you enjoyed this weeks Twosday Favs! Check back next week for something sweet!

Apr 25, 2011

I am crazy.

I am changing the look of my blog.
AND I think I might change it back to writers block instead of (welcome to) My Bubble. Don't ask me why. :) Hehe.
I had a comment asking me if I was taking nominations for the Blogger Awards. YES! I am totally open to that! Feel free to do so.
Speaking of comments, I had FIIIIVVVEEEEE to publish!! HOORAY! That's so exciting! :):)
SO, hope you don't mind my chattering rambling on and on... :):) Goodbye. See you tomorrow for Twosday Favs!

Oh Happiness

This is my Resurrection Sunday dress! Isn't it pretty?

This is the Nancy Drew book I am working on at the moment. So far Nancy has been thrown from a horse. And I'm just starting the second chapter. And...Nancy is doing trick riding (of course) and she is FANTASTIC at it!

I completed my basic ND collection! I officially have the first ten books because I (well my mom) bought these two books for me and wa-lah!

Oh Happiness!!- Upbeat, HAPPY song by David Crowder band. If you like fun music than you will definitely love this! They are a Christian band with the coolest songs!
This is the most amazing orchestra! John Wilson, creator of it, made an entire concert based on MGM Musicals!! It's so fantastic! This is the first of 13 parts. It has the medley (a combination of all the songs played in the concert) and The Trolley Song!
I wasn't a fan of Judy Garland at first but she's pretty cute! Her voice is so unique too.

Have a great Monday!

Apr 23, 2011


was a sad day.

Not because something sad happened...

But because something just out of reach happened.

I saw with my little eyes, 5, yes, 5 pairs of tap shoes.
AND they were all this style! THIS EXACT SHOE!!!!! GAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
AND they were sizes 11 1/2 in kids and 3s and 4s and i think another 11 and 1/2.
The FIFTH pair.... was an 8!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried them on anyway, and they fit on my feet. Just not very well. I could hardly feel my toes and they hurt. But I just sat there admiring them on my feet, in complete luxury with those metal taps on my toes.
Then I finally gave in and took them off.
Is it just me or is God giving me a major sign or something?
I have never in my life seen tap shoes anywhere and in the last 5 days I have seen tap shoes at least 3 times. As well as that I happened upon a tap dancing book at the library and picked it up, only to look in it and realize that I LOVE TAP DANCING! Oh wait I already knew that.
So tap dancing has majorly come up in my life PROBABLY for a reason that is yet to be discovered...

you'll probably hear about it soon on here though. :)

I so enjoyed that minute of luxury wearing those tap shoes.


Do you like my new background? Or is it too hard to read the text?

Apr 22, 2011

Blogger of the Month Award

Welcome to....

The Blogger Awards!!

Today, 1 lucky blogger will be awared with the Blogger of the Month Award.

You are all wondering who it is, no?

I'll let you guess!

5. This blogger has a blog that is fun to read.
4. This blogger shares fun music.
3. This blogger is a Christian who is not afraid to share her faith.
2. This blogger is a wonderful example to all of us.
1. This blogger is a wonderful photographer.

And.... this month's Blogger Award goes to....







Miss Raquel of God's Daughter!

Congratulations Miss Raquel!

I will contact you further!

Check back next month for the next Blogger Awards!

Thank you for coming!

Apr 21, 2011


Well....I was trying to get a cool background for my blog.... changing it again.....
and my computer froze up.
So you have to live with this terrible background for a while...
ok so it's not terrible it's just so un-unique.
Love yah


(This may turn out to be a new post i do every now and then....link party or whatev you call it so here goes!)

Question: Do I blog to much?

Comment and leave an answer!

My thoughts: I feel like I have all this spacious time in between the times I blog... but then I realize I've posted like 4 times in one day. Ok do I need to lay off??? :) lol.

Apr 20, 2011

Stats 2010 May- 2011 April

Overview 2010 May – 2011 April
All time

Jan 23, 2011, 1 comment
  761 Pageviews
Dec 21, 2010
  332 Pageviews
Feb 23, 2011
  116 Pageviews
Apr 1, 2011, 6 comments
  106 Pageviews
Apr 2, 2011, 3 comments
   73 Pageviews

Traffic Sources

Awesome I know! Well at least to me. Sorry I kind of messed up the whole... uh... post because I was trying to fix some stuff on there but haha that's just me. :) Anyway, I can't believe this! One of the things I deleted (oops) said that I had already had 23 pageviews on my blog TODAY!!! WOWWWWW!!!!!!! And none of them came from me!!!
Well, all love, Mary!

My New Obsession

Ok, I confess, I am almost obsessed with this. But only over the last two days so that doesn't really count.
And.... I'm blaming it all on Sydney because she just got a typewriter and dragged me into this vortex of WONDERFULNESS!!!!!!!
I really do love typewriters.
We used to have a Brothers typewriter. The H was broken, and the enter didn't work too terribly well. The paper went in crooked and the ink roll majigger was nearly broken. But that's ok.
We would use it almost constantly.
We started a million stories.
We made mini newspapers.
We wrote letters.
We wrote gobblydeegook and random names and all this fun stuff.
Because using a typewriter is enchanting.

Another reason I fell for typewriters is because we went to a library and looked at these really old Life magazines, like from the 30's or 40's. And in the magazine I grabbed there were three typewriter ads.
So I went to a library computer and looked them all up.

And I think it's hilarious how I think this ad makes this typewriter the best... and I believe it.
Advertising is supposed to make things look good. But for some reason or another I don't think that they were bragging...
I got dragged in to magazine and the ads!!! Anyway I will stop my constant jabbering now, thank you for being so patient with my blablablas.
This is the ad I saw for the Underwood Golden Touch typewriter- the one I'd like to get. (But the pricetag of $300 is making me not want to so much. I mean, there are others for like $80 dollars but who knows if those work?)

Here is the Underwood Golden Touch.

This is almost exactly like the one we had when we were kids. I loved that typewriter! It broke though, and we had to get rid of it.

I think it's funny how different typewriters give a different feel.

This one reminds me of some French resteraunt or something. The brand name "Royal" printed on there helps the mood. :) haha

Ok now I am thinking either 70's hippy with tyedye bell bottoms and a saggy shirt and a rainbow peace headband.....
or a country housewife tapping away in her sunshiney kitchen with blue and yellow and white colors everywhere!!! :)
I much prefer the latter.

PINK!!!!! It's so girly, it's like a princess or something. So cute.

I love typewriters.
What are you obsessed with? (or even minorly liking)

P.S. You can find typewriters on http://www.etsy.com/ or http://www.bonanza.com/. just search "Typewriter" or any of the brands mentioned in this post- "Royal Typewriter" or "Underwood Typewriter" :)

Apr 19, 2011

Twosday Favs 12

Fav One: This is a previous button I designed when I was re-doing my blog. I really like how it turned out!

Fav Two: The immense amount of pictures in my folder all for my blog.

These are just some of them. Every month or so I go in and delete almost all the pictures.
These are the ones left. :)

When I was making this collage the sentence "Fav Two: The Immense amount of pictures" popped into my head....like you needed to know that.

Anyhew, I think we're done here.

This weekend seem SO long. Each day dragged on forever. Saturday seemed like three days wrapped up into one, same with sunday, friday, monday, tuesday.... oh wait today's tuesday.

Well, the end.


See yah.

Ok I really need to go. Like I think this is funny or something.


Stop laughing.

Haha i think I am so hilarious.


Apr 13, 2011


Goodness me, I think this is the third post I've done today! My oh me! :)
Well, I just HAD to share with you that while browsing my comments page while editing my blog I suddenly came upon the fact that I indeed have 109 comments!

For those of you with 1,000+  followers I don't expect you to be exactly sympathetic with my little millileter of water in the blogger ocean....but still that is a good accomplishment for me! To tell you the truth the first pageview I got that wasn't from me looking at my blog was like... in.... November. I started my blog in May last year I think. I don't know. haha :)

Well, it's been an exciting day for me as I update you with every little whim and fancy I come across!

I'm getting over a cold and hopefully don't have a fever, so pray that my health will be completely restored!

All my love!

Search Engine

Hey everyone!
Bad news: I had 3 spam comments which I deleted.
Good news: Hopefully I have found a way to stop this.

I have made my blog unsearchable. It's still a public blog, don't worry, but like I said in my last post (stats these months), if you type in Nancy Drew Picture in google search, it comes up with a nancy drew picture from my blog. I've changed that now and hopefully spam will stop.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation in my safety precautiosn i am making to my blog!

God bless and keep you~

Stats these months

Pageviews in 2011 March
Pageviews: 1,115
Pageviews so far in 2011 April
Pageviews: 1,300
It's so exciting that in less than a month I've already had more pageviews than I did last month... confusing? Haha. :)
I'd like to do a picture overview of my blog ever since it started.

BEWARE: The following contains an immense amount of pictures.
One of the first pictures I put on my blog!

The ever-favorite vintage dress

I like how these colors go together even though they kind of clash

My classic Nancy Drew pic

The butterfingers! (Read Top Ten Reasons to be I.C. by Mary Minship)

Day 6 of my Feminine Fashion Week

Twoshirt Tutorial

Vintage wedding dress from Thursday's Dresses

One of the first favs from Twosday Favs

Ah, the wonderful Nancy pic that's gotten me so many pageviews through Google search. Search it up yourself! On http://www.google.com/, search 'Nancy Drew Picture'. This picture, on my blog, is there! It's one of the search results! Crazy huh?

I was awarded Stylish Blogger by Ponytails!

The second version of the Twosday Favs button

Gingham dress!

I am very proud to say I drew this!

My try at food photography


One of my all-time favorite pairs of shoes because they look like scrapbooking. They also come in black and brown. So cute! (By Poetic License)

Movie Moments

My favorite Nancy Drew pattern match

Supercute tap shoes!

Awesome picture I took! I love my camera.

On the back of a Nancy Drew:

My favorite cookbook to cook by!

Love the bow!

I love this!

(welcome to) My Bubble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that's the overview of my blog!