Apr 6, 2011

Nancy Drew's Closet Day 6

Today it was freezing... actually it was snowing!! Come on weather, I'm ready for spring! :)
Well, I nearly froze my tootsies off trying to get some good pictures...
my personal photographer (aka sister) was 'taking a day off' lets say and I had to fend for myself!!! *gasp!*

I just threw this outfit together this morning...hehe. I ran out of vintage clothes, sorry!! lol.
So this is modern Nancy.

The book (it was my first try) I took the cover off and put blank paper inside. Cool, huh?
Well the paper is really uneven but that's ok because like I said, it was my first try. :)

Ok... I've said it before but I'll say it again.
I love picnik.
It's so much fun!

SNOW????!?!? Lol. You can't really see it in this picture but it's there! :):)

I love taking pictures like these. Eyes are my favorite things to highlight in pictures because they have so much expression in them!!! And they are colorful. God must have made eyes not just so we could see but so other people could see our eyes! lol... does that make sense?
My favorite color of eyes is blue. From piercing grey-blues to aquamarines... but my all-time favorite is deep sky blue, so charming!!!

i am saying lol alot in this post. haha.

anyhew, i am a random person and I'm sure that my random chitter-chatter is not entertaining you so...

This fashion week is hosted by Natasha and Ashley!!
They are such amazing daughters of God. :)

Let's hear it for all Nancy Drew fans out there!

I don't know why....

Ok I'm done blabbering.

Love yah

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