Apr 20, 2011

My New Obsession

Ok, I confess, I am almost obsessed with this. But only over the last two days so that doesn't really count.
And.... I'm blaming it all on Sydney because she just got a typewriter and dragged me into this vortex of WONDERFULNESS!!!!!!!
I really do love typewriters.
We used to have a Brothers typewriter. The H was broken, and the enter didn't work too terribly well. The paper went in crooked and the ink roll majigger was nearly broken. But that's ok.
We would use it almost constantly.
We started a million stories.
We made mini newspapers.
We wrote letters.
We wrote gobblydeegook and random names and all this fun stuff.
Because using a typewriter is enchanting.

Another reason I fell for typewriters is because we went to a library and looked at these really old Life magazines, like from the 30's or 40's. And in the magazine I grabbed there were three typewriter ads.
So I went to a library computer and looked them all up.

And I think it's hilarious how I think this ad makes this typewriter the best... and I believe it.
Advertising is supposed to make things look good. But for some reason or another I don't think that they were bragging...
I got dragged in to magazine and the ads!!! Anyway I will stop my constant jabbering now, thank you for being so patient with my blablablas.
This is the ad I saw for the Underwood Golden Touch typewriter- the one I'd like to get. (But the pricetag of $300 is making me not want to so much. I mean, there are others for like $80 dollars but who knows if those work?)

Here is the Underwood Golden Touch.

This is almost exactly like the one we had when we were kids. I loved that typewriter! It broke though, and we had to get rid of it.

I think it's funny how different typewriters give a different feel.

This one reminds me of some French resteraunt or something. The brand name "Royal" printed on there helps the mood. :) haha

Ok now I am thinking either 70's hippy with tyedye bell bottoms and a saggy shirt and a rainbow peace headband.....
or a country housewife tapping away in her sunshiney kitchen with blue and yellow and white colors everywhere!!! :)
I much prefer the latter.

PINK!!!!! It's so girly, it's like a princess or something. So cute.

I love typewriters.
What are you obsessed with? (or even minorly liking)

P.S. You can find typewriters on http://www.etsy.com/ or http://www.bonanza.com/. just search "Typewriter" or any of the brands mentioned in this post- "Royal Typewriter" or "Underwood Typewriter" :)

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Girl of God said...

Hey don't blame me! :) wink wink

- Syd