Apr 21, 2011


(This may turn out to be a new post i do every now and then....link party or whatev you call it so here goes!)

Question: Do I blog to much?

Comment and leave an answer!

My thoughts: I feel like I have all this spacious time in between the times I blog... but then I realize I've posted like 4 times in one day. Ok do I need to lay off??? :) lol.


Vanessa said...

Oh, you blog just right! If anything, I say... blog more! I love your blog. :)

Mary said...

Oh thank you Vanessa! That's so encouraging. You're wonderful! :)

Miriam said...

I really like your blog! I especially like it when you post the "Blogger of the Month" awards. Do you take nominations for that? Because there is a blog I really like..www.one-beloved.blogspot.com. Her name is Lucia and she is a wonderful, encouraging blogger. She has been a really huge light to me and so many others I know. I would love to see her get the award!