Apr 2, 2011

Nancy Drew's Closet Day 2

It happened again! Just like yesterday, when I logged in to blogger, 3 comments awaited me.
How exciting is that?!??! That means I'm gaining popularity! Lol. :)

Are you ready to unveil the secret of the
Nancy-Drewish clothes?
(please excuse my lame try at having a mysterious pun...)

It was SO windy outside today... so my skirt looks like wierd floppy shorts..

I liked Natasha's idea of fogging the background so I tried it myself. It worked awesome! My legs look like the have green hair sticking off the sides though... hmmm...

Since it was so windy I decided to head inside to get you some better pictures. Please excuse the messy background. :)

My skirt is actually green and blue plaid. It's dark colors though, and I think it's wool. (those two thoughts should not have gone in the same sentence.)

I am SO EXCITED!! I love Nancy Drew!

Hosted by Natasha and Ashley

P.S. I entered this in the Nancy- Vintage section!


Emily said...

that's really cute!!

Ashley Nicole said...

Super duper cute! I really like your jacket.

Vicki said...

This is so cute! I love that jacket, and the skirt is cute too!