Apr 1, 2011

Nancy Drew's Closet Day 1

You know what's really exciting? logging into my blogger account and having 3 comments needing to be moderated!!

So I got creative with the post title but WHO CARES??? I am SO EXCITED because today is the first day of the NANCY DREW FASHION WEEK!!!!!!!! :):):):)
I had so much fun taking these pictures.
I also had TONS of fun shopping at thrift stores yestereday...
when I got home I was dissapointed because I felt like I hadn't gotten anything...
whenever I got home and sorted out all my outfits..

Oh yah, girlfriends. I hit the jackpot.
ok, sure that's just in my opinion. I'll let you decide for yourselfs. :)

I was trying to imitate Nancy on the cover of "The Hidden Staircase"... didn't go over to well.

LOVE how this picture turned out!

I figured out how to give pictures a sort of vintage tint!

So that's my outfit for today's Nancy Drew Fashion Week!
I didn't wear this outfit all day- unlike during my Feminine Fashion Week, where I wore most of the outfits all day long. I probably won't wear most of my nancy Drew outfits all day, for the following reasons.
1. They are not relaxed, house-cleaning outfits.
2. I got them from Goodwill and didn't have time to wash them yet. (lol)
3. The skirt I wore today was my sisters, and it's true vintage- and she doesn't want it to get dirty :)
4. The sweater I wore today was thick and heavy- come on, the sun is shining! I changed into a t-shirt and houseskirt immedietally following the photo shoot.

So I hope you don't mind that I dress up for the photos... lol. :)

Stay tuned for more Nancy Drew Fashion Week!

Hosted by Natasha and Ashley


Natasha Atkerson said...

Very cute! Thanks for entering our Nancy Drew Fashion Week! I look forward to seeing your other outfits!

KatySue Pillsbury said...

I love it!

Jemimah C. said...

That's such a gorgeous outfit! I love the skirt! The sweater and "scarf" looked really nice with it. Can't wait to see more!

Amber Noella said...

WoW! Looove the colors ;)

Ashley Nicole said...

How cute! I love the skirt!

Vicki said...

Super cute!(: I haven't been wearing all of my outfits all day either, though I do love being able to dress up in them.