Apr 3, 2011

Nancy Drew's Closet Day 3

I hope you had a wonderful fantastic Sunday! I was planning to wear today's outfit to church but it happend to be a little bit too big... and I haven't had time to take out the hideous shoulder pads (ew!)!

So before we walk into Mystery World (that was about the lamest thing I ever said), I got the chance to visit with Sydney at My Walk with the King. Her little sis was being adorable (as usual) and I got some great pics.
This one I played around on Picnik with and got great results. So it was my second try at this whole 'part-colored' thingy.... i don't know what you call it. But isn't it a cute picture?

Now onto the outfit!

See what I mean when I say it's a little big? Just a tad wide from side to side...
(P.S. did you notice the outfit is the only thing colored in the picture? cool, huh?)

This is actually an outlet by the fireplace, and it's covered by a brick. Totally MYSTERIOUS!!!
*gasp* a brick comes out of the fireplace!

Did you know that when Nancy Drew was first thought up, her original name was supposed to be Nan Drew?
Did you know Carolyn Keene is a pen name?


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Emily said...

cute! That's cool that a brick comes out of your fireplace! It looks very mysterious!

Girl of God said...

Oh my own little sis on your blog :) she's on plenty of mine! always doing funny stuff like that!

Girl of God said...

i opend the page and BAM there it was! the pic of my lil' sis