Apr 25, 2011

I am crazy.

I am changing the look of my blog.
AND I think I might change it back to writers block instead of (welcome to) My Bubble. Don't ask me why. :) Hehe.
I had a comment asking me if I was taking nominations for the Blogger Awards. YES! I am totally open to that! Feel free to do so.
Speaking of comments, I had FIIIIVVVEEEEE to publish!! HOORAY! That's so exciting! :):)
SO, hope you don't mind my chattering rambling on and on... :):) Goodbye. See you tomorrow for Twosday Favs!

1 comment:

Lucia Marie said...

Oh, I love it! Don't worry about it, Mary..before I won a blog makeover, I was CONSTANTLY changing my background!! And the title, too. ;) It's fun!

~Yes, isn't publishing comments fun??