Apr 25, 2011

Oh Happiness

This is my Resurrection Sunday dress! Isn't it pretty?

This is the Nancy Drew book I am working on at the moment. So far Nancy has been thrown from a horse. And I'm just starting the second chapter. And...Nancy is doing trick riding (of course) and she is FANTASTIC at it!

I completed my basic ND collection! I officially have the first ten books because I (well my mom) bought these two books for me and wa-lah!

Oh Happiness!!- Upbeat, HAPPY song by David Crowder band. If you like fun music than you will definitely love this! They are a Christian band with the coolest songs!
This is the most amazing orchestra! John Wilson, creator of it, made an entire concert based on MGM Musicals!! It's so fantastic! This is the first of 13 parts. It has the medley (a combination of all the songs played in the concert) and The Trolley Song!
I wasn't a fan of Judy Garland at first but she's pretty cute! Her voice is so unique too.

Have a great Monday!


Lucia Marie said...

I love your Resurrection Sunday dress, Miss Mary! <3 SO pretty! And I'm glad I discovered your blog, too..I really like it! :)

In Him,


~Miss Raquel said...

Love dress, dear!! Congrats on Top 10 Nancy Drews!! I collect her books too...only need 10 MORE!!! :)

Jemimah C. said...

Your dress looks perfectly lovely--it has the likeness of a Regency Era dress.