Apr 13, 2011


Goodness me, I think this is the third post I've done today! My oh me! :)
Well, I just HAD to share with you that while browsing my comments page while editing my blog I suddenly came upon the fact that I indeed have 109 comments!

For those of you with 1,000+  followers I don't expect you to be exactly sympathetic with my little millileter of water in the blogger ocean....but still that is a good accomplishment for me! To tell you the truth the first pageview I got that wasn't from me looking at my blog was like... in.... November. I started my blog in May last year I think. I don't know. haha :)

Well, it's been an exciting day for me as I update you with every little whim and fancy I come across!

I'm getting over a cold and hopefully don't have a fever, so pray that my health will be completely restored!

All my love!

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