Apr 23, 2011


was a sad day.

Not because something sad happened...

But because something just out of reach happened.

I saw with my little eyes, 5, yes, 5 pairs of tap shoes.
AND they were all this style! THIS EXACT SHOE!!!!! GAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
AND they were sizes 11 1/2 in kids and 3s and 4s and i think another 11 and 1/2.
The FIFTH pair.... was an 8!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried them on anyway, and they fit on my feet. Just not very well. I could hardly feel my toes and they hurt. But I just sat there admiring them on my feet, in complete luxury with those metal taps on my toes.
Then I finally gave in and took them off.
Is it just me or is God giving me a major sign or something?
I have never in my life seen tap shoes anywhere and in the last 5 days I have seen tap shoes at least 3 times. As well as that I happened upon a tap dancing book at the library and picked it up, only to look in it and realize that I LOVE TAP DANCING! Oh wait I already knew that.
So tap dancing has majorly come up in my life PROBABLY for a reason that is yet to be discovered...

you'll probably hear about it soon on here though. :)

I so enjoyed that minute of luxury wearing those tap shoes.

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Lucia Marie said...

Ohh, I'm so sorry about your shoes, Mary! I will be praying that you find some that FIT! I always wanted to take tap dancing, but it never worked out..:(