Apr 13, 2011

Stats these months

Pageviews in 2011 March
Pageviews: 1,115
Pageviews so far in 2011 April
Pageviews: 1,300
It's so exciting that in less than a month I've already had more pageviews than I did last month... confusing? Haha. :)
I'd like to do a picture overview of my blog ever since it started.

BEWARE: The following contains an immense amount of pictures.
One of the first pictures I put on my blog!

The ever-favorite vintage dress

I like how these colors go together even though they kind of clash

My classic Nancy Drew pic

The butterfingers! (Read Top Ten Reasons to be I.C. by Mary Minship)

Day 6 of my Feminine Fashion Week

Twoshirt Tutorial

Vintage wedding dress from Thursday's Dresses

One of the first favs from Twosday Favs

Ah, the wonderful Nancy pic that's gotten me so many pageviews through Google search. Search it up yourself! On http://www.google.com/, search 'Nancy Drew Picture'. This picture, on my blog, is there! It's one of the search results! Crazy huh?

I was awarded Stylish Blogger by Ponytails!

The second version of the Twosday Favs button

Gingham dress!

I am very proud to say I drew this!

My try at food photography


One of my all-time favorite pairs of shoes because they look like scrapbooking. They also come in black and brown. So cute! (By Poetic License)

Movie Moments

My favorite Nancy Drew pattern match

Supercute tap shoes!

Awesome picture I took! I love my camera.

On the back of a Nancy Drew:

My favorite cookbook to cook by!

Love the bow!

I love this!

(welcome to) My Bubble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that's the overview of my blog!