Jan 23, 2011

Nancy Drew style

I am a HUGE fan of Nancy Drew style clothing. I love vintage but don't have the guts to actually wear old style clothing... fear of critisicm and mean comments I suppose. I guess I shouldn't really care what other people think anyway since I love the styles. Maybe someday....

This is SO Nancy-Drewish!

I drew this picture one time. It turned out pretty good... Nancy didn't really look like herself though.

I absolutely LOVE this dress! It is so adorable. I want it for myself!

Classic Nancy Drew style (and Bess and George)
(why is George wearing pink? she's the boyish, sporty one! ☺)

Today's Nancy Drew!

What's your style? Do you love Nancy's vintage look?

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree I love the way Nancy Drew dress. So much better then the stuff today! But I don't got the guts to do it I am way to afraid of what people will say

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE 40's styles! Thanks so much for posting these pictures...I have so much fun raiding the thrift stores fro styles like these! :)