Jan 4, 2011


Well, 2011 is here and upon us and in front of us! Sadly, a day or so of this wonderful new year has slipped quietly behind us and alas we have not even noticed. Perhaps we should all enjoy this time and just be people!
Quite a poetic introduction if I do say so myself! Well, as Kaimin (Mason) said earlier, "We can never do anything in 2010 again." We should make the most of what we have right here, and do everything we want to do in 2011 before the year is up!
I made one New Years Resolution- already stuck to it! I was tired and I just said- Don't eat all the chips on New Years Day! We finished them the day after.... but I stuck to my resolution! ha ha.
What are your resolutions? What are you planning to do in this brand-new year?
I'm planning to publish a few new books at my online store, maybe a few calendars too!

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