Jan 15, 2011

Favorite Book

Well my favorite books have been on my mind.. and so has my blog... so I am combining the two!!! It's kind of a slow day today. Alllllllll the looooooooong 24 hours of it. How many seconds is that? Just a second. haha second. Ok i'm officially tired. and kooky right now. Be right back. If my calculations are correct, there are 86,400 seconds in each day. there are more than a thousand minutes!!!
my favorite books!
this is what I spend my time doing.
click here
and here
also here
and lastly here
ok so yes I love Nancy Drew books :) Mysterious!!! Lately though I've been realizing how... uh... kooky they are. I mean really, who foils an evil group of four men single-handedly (ok not single, the strong and handsome Ned Nickerson saved the day!!!) finds a former queen and her lost Prince grandson, finds a secret clue in a jewel box shaped like a footman (queen's servant) and walks in a fashion show?!?!?! long sentence but hey... I already admitted I am very tired and not very.... writer-istic right now. And my spleling is hrrioble. haha.
Ok so I better be going... look for my first tutorial coming soon!
Your tired writer,

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Anonymous said...

i know what you mean! evry night thats what me and my sister do haha!

marilou shafer