Jan 17, 2011

TwoShirt Tshirt Tutorial- Re-use Remake!

I decided to do this because I had some old shirts and I was bored. I first showed the original twoshirt here. I decided to make a tutorial for it because I figured some of you might want to make your own!

First, start with two old shirts. I went to a thrift store and got some because I didn't have any of mine I wanted to cut up.

Cut the first shirt in half. You will only use half of each shirt, so usually I cut the piece I want a little longer. This makes the finished shirt longer and more modest.

I already told you to cut it.... haha... so here's another pic of the cut shirt!

Cut the other shirt. I was using the bottom half of this shirt so I cut it as the larger piece of the shirt.

Now you can see how it will look. But see how there is a little flap that is too long?

Chop it off!

Now cut down the sides of the shirt, starting under the arm and all the way down to the bottom of the shirt.

Unfold the bottom of the shirt. It will lay flat. Unfortunately the top piece won't lay flat.

See how it is laid against the bottom piece? Sorry you can see my arm's shadow haha :) You want the right sides facing each other, but since the shirt won't lay flat. But you can see the inside of the shirt here, so all you want to do is lay the shirt on top of the right side of the bottom piece.

Pin the pieces together.

Sew against the seams.

Keep unfolding the shirt, and yes, it will look a little strange, but it's not finished yet :)

Once you have sewn all the way across, turn inside out. You now have the top and bottom piece sewn together.

Ta-daa! We're almost done!

There's a little bit extra fabric here.

Just chop it off so it's even!

Now, turn the shirt inside out again, and sew up the side. I started from the bottom and went up to underneath the armpit. I haven't ever tried this with a long-sleeve shirt, I don't know how that would work... :)

Turn inside out. You're done! I love this shirt. This is a really great idea to use because if you like one shirt, but the top is really low, just cut it off and sew on a new, better one!


Ponytails [My Passions for Fashions] said...

That's a good idea! You could make two new shirts from two old ones! I love refashioning! By the way, I think we are very much the same. Ha, ha. We are both 13, homeschooled, we sew, we crochet, etc.


Mary said...

I feel the same way :) When I first read your blog I was thinking, this girl and me are so much alike! :) haha!

marilou shafer said...

haha thats cool!

marilou shafer