Oct 28, 2010

The Intellectually Challenged- A peek at the Book

The Intellectually Challenged- A humorous Book

Now, for those of you who are intellectually challenged, this book is a book for you. It is filled with the thoughts of the other intellectually challenged, which will fill your mind with wonderful things. This book has helped so many of the I.C.’s (intellectually challenged), and the question/answer sections, biography section, and many other sections will lead you toward the total wonder of…… Intellectually Challenged Possibilities.

Section One: The Possibility

The possibility that you, an Intellectually Challenged, would join a group of I.C.’s in many fun things, might be a bit of a shock to you. But to calm the shock, take a moment off of reading, get some lemon water and a slice of marshmallow caramel pie, and relax. My favorite way to relax is to get up and do fourteen jumping jacks, and odd number of sit-ups (mostly the odd number of 1), and then scream at the top of my lungs. Then I collapse into my chair and read.
The list below is just a small part of what the groups of I.C.’s everywhere do. This list may be a good reminder to you that I.C.’s are not bad. Simply, they take a pleasure in life and group it into a group. And the finished work is an I.C. group.


1.    Eat Chocolate Chunk cookies with ice cream until they feel about to burst
2.    Go outside on a winters day and comment on peoples nice summer tans
3.    Take pictures of dead plants
4.    Write poems commemorating the dead plants
5.    Send in the poems and pictures to the newspaper
6.    Draw your friend
7.    Draw your friend’s hands
8.    Draw a random object, such as a cucumber, a toxic gasoline spill on a highway, etc.
9.    Go online and listen to your favorite song at the highest volume, making your neighbors go crazy… All while you wear ear plugs.

Certainly, you can see now that the I.C. group is a possibility…. The best possible possibility.
As the president of I.C. Group One, I have learned many answers to many questions. I have learned many questions to many answers.

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