Oct 3, 2011

Math Skills...and a Movie or two

I've done a little math, and so far, into October I've averaged at 4 pageviews a day. That's pretty good compared to 1 pageview a month. :) April is still my biggest month, because that's when I participated in the Bramblewood Fashion Nancy Drew Fashion Week. That was so much fun! :)

Oh, and I just thought of something! Twosday Favs is pretty much not a weekly anymore- my Tuesdays have stuff scheduled in them now, actually! So I probably won't be doing them very often.... well, now that I said that you can probably expect one tomorrow... but that's just probable.
I'm in love with this picture;
Ginger is so cute!!! And Fred Astaire is like my role model for tap dance!
Here's his tap dance in Easter Parade:
Here's another tap dance from Broadway Melody of 1940 with Eleanor Powell
 (my female role model of tap dance)
And lastly, Eleanor Powell's Boat Dance!

Sorry if these are bad quality...I just picked them from the ones we watch on youtube. :)
See you tomorrow!


Cozy in Texas said...

I used to love the old Fred Astaire movies. Do you remember the one where he played Vernon Castle and his plane crashed at the end of the movie. I found out recently that crash happened about a mile from where I'm now living (Benbrook, Texas).

~Miss Raquel said...

Congrats on getting more blogging traffic!! That's always so fun to hear/read/see!

I love Fred and Ginger...one of the cutest dancing couples!

~Miss Raquel

Dodi said...

Tap dancing is kind of cool!
I have seen some modern tap dancers that I LOVE on America's got talent:)