Feb 6, 2012

Kitty-Paw's Valentine

I think one of my favorite parts of this is that it's signed:
Anonimus luvver.


My cat is not good at spelling. (We always talk to our cats around here and they have personality, let me tell you!) So, happy Valentine's day Kitty Paw!

I don't have any postage so I'm sending it via Ashley Sisk!



Ashley Sisk said...

I love the signature - how funny. Great stuff. Kitty Paw will love it.

Trinka said...

Oh, cute! :) And I really like your blog's new name!

Sweepy said...

Er, meow, AL aka AnonymouseLuver.
You may have catnip but I am nitpick. Woof, Kitty will surely have a hard time this V-day!

Ida said...

How fun, I like the (Heavy and Fragile) part and the Signature. So cute. - Isn't it amazing how each cat has their own unique personality.

Tezzie said...

Awww...how sweet! That signature is funny :)